Review - 1

Hey. I am a Btech student who just joined IIT Bombay this July.
This is a wonderful place to be. The only thing that I feel can describe my experience till now is that the efforts you put in JEE are worth it if you get here.
There are so many things going around it is sometimes difficult to decide where to go.
You have so many clubs that I can guarantee you,you will find something that interests you and also that you will find people with similar interests.
Believe me, I am living by myself for the first time and yet I don't wanna go home coz there is so much I would be missing out on.
As for acads, well there are mostly amazing professors although you may find some very pathetic ones too.
I can say that there is always help at iitb for those who want it.
So basically the day starts off with going to lectures then going to events,talking to people, hanging out with wingmates,exploring the institute.
A major thing that I forgot about, MOOD INDIGO…..if you don't know about it just Google it and I assure you you will be amazed.
Another perk of being at iitb is that celebrities come here almost every week for a lot of events.Believe me it's been just 3 months here and Bret Lee, Narendra Modi,Yami Gautam,Ankit Kumar,singers of huma,bolna,Laila ,Sadguru Mohit Chauhan have already visited the institute.

It's great how you can get in touch with these amazing people. The labs here are epic, I haven't visited any other college but the labs here really did blow my mind. But what amazed me more is the enormous amount of knowledge that you can get from this place. All in all, I don't regret joining IIT Bombay at all. P.S. The hostels are amazing and not at all like your parents describe it to you.Even the food isn't that bad,I actually even like it. Hope that this LONG post answered your question. P.S.S. Do let me know in the comments if you want more d
Diti Sanghai, batch 2022
Review - 2

There is no exact answer to this question. Some students say that life is great here and some may tell that life is hell here. Life at IIT Bombay is highly dependent on who you are and what you want. I will explain to you why.
Students who have come far from home for the first time, literally cry after seeing the condition of hostels and food. From the last 3–4 years the newcomers are allotted Hostels 15 and 16 which are nice and adjustable for a newcomer, but senior hostels from Hostel 2–9(given to undergraduate students from second year onwards) are too congested. Currently, my hostel room has size of around 9ft*7ft. Food is not as good as compared to home but is edible (except some days). Compared to general hostels or mess, Food Quality is good at IIT Bombay (trust me, it’s my 9th year in hostels). Hostel 10 -11 (girls hostel) is too good compared to hostel standards. Hostels 12–14 are for MTech and PhD students. These hostels are also good enough.
Just like most of the other colleges, it also follows the rule of 80% attendance. Failed to do so results in a DX grade which means that you have to repeat the course. Grading policy used here is relative grading, which means that a particular % of class would get a particular grade and this thing depends on the professor. It seems that relative grading would be easy and would help in getting good grades, but here you are wrong. Relative grading makes the competition too worse. This is the place where many students think that if they would have chose some other IIT, they wouldn’t have felt this much academic pressure and could get a nice cpi with lower efforts. More than 10% of students fail at least in one subject each year.
IIT Bombay provides an excellent opportunity to excel in sports. It has got excellent sports facilities for cricket, football, athletics, hockey, squash, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, weightlifting, swimming etc. In the beginning of first year some students are selected for each sport and they are trained well in that sport under the program NSO. Leaving it, beginner camps are organized from time to time for enthusiastic students who want to learn the fundamental skills required for the game. Advanced summer camps are also launched in the summer holidays to provide excellence in that particular sport.
Nearly all hostels have a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis, foosball, billiards, football ground, gym facilities etc. Due to these facilities, students are highly enthusiastic about sports here and this time IIT Bombay was the winner of INTER IIT SPORTS MEET 2017.
IIT Bombay is no way behind in culturals. Be it music, dance, photography, fashion, dramatics, movie-making, design, speaking arts, etc. , IIT Bombay has got clubs for each of these which are managed by students.
Students here take part in many national and international competitions also. Silverscreen, design, and the debating club has won prizes at national as well as international level also.
At last but not the least, this time IIT Bombay stood second in the INTER IIT CULTURALS MEET 2017.
There are many clubs which are doing great work in the field of technology.
AUV-IITB(autonomous underwater vehicle)
SSP(student satellite program)
People who love to do technical stuff join these teams and these are the teams which win many international awards too. If you want, you can check on google.
At IIT Bombay you get that level of exposure which you haven’t even thought of.
Similar is the case of management. In general students’ haven’t done much courses of management here, but the way in which they manage events like
MOOD INDIGO (Asia’s largest cultural fest)
TECHFEST (Asia’s largest technical fest)
ABHYUDAY (Asia’s largest social fest)
E-SUMMIT(Asia’s largest entrepreneurship fest)
is truly appreciable.
While working in these fests, you develop many types of soft skills.
You get to interact with International famous personalities, visit places like embassies, attend seminars which are not open for the general public and what not.
Now you would ask me that since IIT Bombay provides such excellent facilities, students should only love it, why do they hate?

Many students in their first year don’t focus much on their academics due to which they fail, or get bad grades. Many students get involved in watching tv series, movies or gaming. Due to this they waste their lot of precious time. Afterwards, when they realise this and try to study they feel problems because their prerequisites are not clear. Due to this, they have to spend much more time understanding. Therefore they are left with less time for rest of the activities and slowly life becomes hectic. People take much more workload(in the form of minors or POR) which they could handle well, and as a result they are unable to perform well which frustrated students here. Students realise these things, but after one or two years. So, according to me one should keep academics their first priority, and one should take that POR in which he is interested or he has a good option of skill development there. TV series should be avoided as much as possible. You can play games once or twice, b
Navneet prabhat, b. Tech (electrical engineering)
Review - 3

It came as quite a shock to me that, yes, you still have to study after getting into IITB XD.
Life at IIT Bombay was good in the beginning, just a bunch of orientations you need to attend and there was no homework, of course. Our first lecture was of CS 101. But that was easy, as I had already done some coding in school.
Gradually the weight increased.
We were told we would have graded physics lab every week, graded mechanical workshops, and compulsory CS labs.
Then we had our first quiz. Calculus. I managed to score well, but there were people around me scoring very low. Midsems weren’t a pleasant experience either.
Life in IITB is how you want it to be. Right now (first year), especially. You could spend all of your time studying for AA grade, or bunk classes to sleep, and chill the entire rest of the day.

Now I have had to make changes. I have had to cut down on my free time, ditch a lot of cult activities and workshops, to take out time for my studies. On weekends I try to get up early and go through my lectures. After going through a lot of mental turmoil, normalcy is finally returning in life once more. It’s a whole new phase of life, and the faster you accept it the better. Most of us have. Now we don’t even discuss our JEE ranks, that race is over. IITB is a different one, and we need to make sure we don’t get left beh
Arjun Kulsrestha.
Review - 4

A few days ago I attended IIT Bombay E-Summit 2019 as a guest speaker.
I was simply blown away by the scale and size of the event. Honestly, for a moment I thought I was in some Silicon Valley conference. Anywhere you look, you would see banners and sponsorship hoardings of every major startup. The speaker lineup was amazingly diverse and impressive.

The environment was electrifying and it was no less impressive than any startup event organized by industry bodies. It was totally student run and they did an amazing job. I was amazed to see the kind of exposure IITB kids are getting right from college days. When I was a student at IIT Kanpur, we had not even heard of the term ‘startup’. Times have clearly changed. I am hoping all IITs and other tech institutions are also able to give their students similar exposure and encouragement. Great job IITB! Keep going - IITK will not be
Rajan Singh, guest speaker at IIT BOMBAY.
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