Review - 1
What is it like to study at VJTI? in one word: Awesome. Regarding the faculty, it varies from branch to branch. I hear civil faculty is really good. Even electronics & other core branches have decent to good teachers. Remaining branches are not taught that we
Manoj Madanmohan
Review - 2
VJTI is one of the well known institutions but its quality is degrading with time. All the teachers here are Ph.d holders and having sound knowledge of subjects with a great experience but the problem is they are not interested in spreading their knowledge to students rather they are busy doing their consultancy work and for that they are shifting their work load to junior teachers who are not good enough for the work.
Siddhant Biyani
Review - 3

An institute is driven by many factors and each factor has its own significance. I will try my best to review each of the factors one by one.
Teaching - 3/10
I had high expectations from the faculty when I took admission in VJTI. Being known as one of the best colleges at least in Maharashtra, this was expected. Moreover, after two extremely hard gone years and a lot of hard work to get the admission, this was the least I could have expected. However, it was a disappointment.
Honestly, the first year’s faculty was much better than those of the subsequent years. I am an I.T. I graduated, so I have seen the worst form of teaching in VJTI. It is no different for Computer Engineering. As much as I have heard from my friends from other departments, they have better faculties. Computer and IT department will hardly have lectures in the final year. No faculty is interested in teaching and no student is interested in sitting for the lectures. The main reason for this is the high proportion of Contractual Faculty. There are very few permanent professors in VJTI (almost all departments). The Contractual Faculty generally is newly graduated with an experience of 0 to 3 years behind them. They graduated from tier-3 engineering colleges and end up teaching at VJTI because they could not find good jobs after graduating. You can not expect anything good from such people.

The teaching is marks oriented. No one wants to learn. Some of the professors give a question bank and literally ask questions from it in the exam. So it is your memory that gets tested. The grades you get do not reflect your knowledge in that subject. You score good if you have read the topic from which a long theoretical question is asked in the exam. If you skipped that topic, you are unlucky. It is not what you have understood that matters, rather what you have read that matters.
However, there are exceptional faculty members as well in all the departments. And some of them are really good and dedicated to their work.
Infrastructure - 4/10
Being a government institute, there is not much you can expect. The funds are not used where they should be. Most of the funds are used to pay the salaries of the Contractual Faculty. Laboratories are not well equipped with a few exceptions. As we all know, jugaad works here as well. We easily manipulate readings. First 15 minutes in the computer lab are wasted in finding which PC is working. It is 2018 and still there is no WiFi across the campus.
But there are a few world class laboratories where quality work is done. Most of these labs are industry backed and are supported well by the institute.

Alumni funds come in huge amounts each year. However, they are not used at the right places. They are mostly used in renovating class rooms and installing air conditioners. But that is absolutely unnecessary. Basic infrastructure needs to be taken care of first before these luxuries.
Placements - 7/10
Placements are really good. There is not a single day when the Training and Placement office is empty. Once the placement season starts in August, companies offering really good packages keep coming till July end. If you are good at what you like and what the companies demand, you are sure to get a good job. But, this is valid mostly for IT jobs. Very few core companies visit the campus. The placement officer is more interested in improving the statistics rather than understanding what the students are interested in. Most of them end up with an IT job irrespective of their branch.
Research - 2/10
This would have got a zero if it were not for the Center of Excellence and a few other research laboratories at place in VJTI. These facilities have provided students good exposure to practical solutions with world class equipments and guidance. However, thats it. Leaving aside these facilities (only available to a few departments), there is nothing done in this area. Students who are interested in research are most often left disappointed as there is no proper guidance or infrastructure provided. Research requires huge funding and this is where VJTI lacks.
Opportunities - 6/10
There are a lot of opportunities students get in various forms. The exam schedules are such that students get enough time between semesters to do some thing extra. Most of the students prefer doing an internship, which a few get on campus as well. There is more focus on independent study as teaching is almost absent here. So students get to learn a lot on their own. Festivals help students develop soft skills and give them some managerial skills. These opportunities would have been much more useful had they been well structured.
Students - 8/10

This is the best part of VJTI. The students are really determined and hard working. Seniors are always ready to help. Since there is not much the institute has to offer, students are independent. Everyone is dedicated. Students are responsible for taking VJTI where it is today. It does not feel good writing such a review for my college. I hope things change over the course of time. I hope, in 10 years from now, some one answers this question with much better numbers than I h
Saket Karve
Review - 4

On Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute - [VJTI], Mumbai
Batch : 2017
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute - [VJTI], Mumbai
Check Placement and Company visited in Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute - [VJTI], Mumbai 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
Fee structure for reserve categories are around 80k per year and for open categories it is around 1.5lpa. VJTI college also offers some scholarships and financial support for economically backward classes.
Placement Wing
The job placement percentage is quite high like 80 to 90 percent. Well known companies came to college with good job offers like Raymonds, Arvind Welspun etc. College also encourages students to do internships to gain some industrial knowledge.
Faculty members are very versed with the course and were highly qualified and intelligent. They always solve the doubts of students and also counsel them if something is bothering them. They were very motivating.
Campus Life
VJTI also offers extracurricular activities like sports and labs.

Course Curriculum Overview Course structure is good. It gives knowledge of theory as well as practical. So we don't face any problems in the corporate world. There are 3 exams in semester. 2 are mid semester and 1 is final semester. College Events There are two cultural events Rangawardhan and Pratibimb. Technical fest is Technovanza. Textile technical fest is Vastra. And finally Enthusia is a sports festival. They are very big and everyone participates
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