Review - 1

In QS BRICS University Rankings of 2018 : 201-250
By NIRF in 2019 : 18
By NIRF in 2018 : 16
By NIRF in 2017 : 13
By Outlook India in 2017 : 9
By India Today in 2017 : 5
By Outlook India in 2016 : 19
By India Today in 2016 : 4
By The Week in 2016 : 21
Rs. 39.00 lakhs per annum offered by Microsoft
Rs. 33.00 lakhs per annum offered by DE Shaw
Rs. 21.50 lakhs per annum offered by PayPal
Rs. 39 Lakhs per Annum
Rs. 6.05 Lakhs per Annum
Rs. 5.75 Lakhs per Annum
Rs. 30 Lakhs per Annum

Overall Infrastructure of college is very good and if are going to this college by seeing it's QS BRICS ranking then stop because rank is decided by many other factors.and you have spend too much money for your college degree from VIT. Overall college is g
Vikas Sharma
Review - 2

VIT is one of the best universities. You can have lot of exposure and many memorable experiences during your college life. It also provides good infrastructure and lab facilities to learn and practice. Hostel rooms are comparatively better than other colleges but the problem is only with the mess food. It will be fine in the starting and then you will be fed up with it. Otherwise VIT is good.
Hitheshini Kotha
Review - 3
Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore often considered one of the best technical universities in India was established with the aim of providing quality higher education on par with international standards. VIT is one of the best private colleges currently in India. If you are looking for an overall development, decent education, unlimited opportunities, skill development, decent placements and a sustainably fun college life from a college, VIT is the place. If you possess your talent then it won't go waste. You have all the opportunity to enhance yourself in any field.
Kush Sawant.
Review - 4

VIT University is definitely one of the best private institutions in India for following reasons -
Diversity - Huge no of students coming from almost every corner of the world.
Brilliant infrastructure, research facilities compared to other private institutions.
Faculty - Most of the teachers take only 2 subjects at max. Which means only two classes a day, and rest of the time they are bound to do research work. Good opportunity for students to collaborate and learn. You will find them good or bad as per your individual opinion.
FFCS - Flexible time table schedule for students - They can choose their teacher, their subjects, their academic buildings (there is a twist in this)
Placements - Most important reason behind rise of VIT in previous 5–6 years. Year on year, VIT has been making LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS IN MASS PLACEMENTS. Average given by these mass companies has risen from 3LPA to even 7LPA (Cognizant, Wipro, TCS)
Overall, some 450 companies visit the campus every year.
Fests - Cultural Fest RIVIERA tops the list among private institutions, while Gravitas becomes first ever TECHFEST Experience to almost 7000+ freshers every year. Both have a handsome budget in crores.
Clubs/Chapters/Extra Curricular - Probably the best kind of atmosphere to grow as an individual as well as a leader. Lot to learn, earn, develop, network, and almost everything you can ever think of can be experienced in VIT.
Time and other rules - I don’t know if there is any ranking of discipline in engineering colleges of India, but if there is any, you will find VIT as a role model for other colleges. You get inside the hostel at 8:30 pm, give daily attendance in biometric form, only physically connected with the opposite gender can be a handshake, and whatnot! The list is too long and it will be fun breaking all these rules if you made it through VITEEE.

Anyone can take admission in VIT - All you need is a VITEEE rank and pocket full of money. You will find future ministers, family business leaders, and many more of the kind struggling through arrears and VIT’s rules - Money does not make any sense to this college other than the time of admission. The list is too long. Keep following for more VIT related queries
Aayush Jain
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