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Posted on 26 Apr' 20 by Shreyash Agrawal
Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
College Infrastructure
The facilities are good when counted but the quality of the facility falls short of the payment they take. The WiFi facility is poor with time being limited for its usage. All sports are covered but their place is often used for other purposes like football ground for cultural activities. Living spaces are clean although the mess quality is poor. Libraries' number of books which can be issued is very limited. The hostel can be more accommodative
Academics quality is highly affected by the fact that the proportion of management quota is 40-50%. The professors are okay, not much great. The problem is that there are 20-25 sections making its management difficult. CS students although get good exposure because of its structured curriculum but it does not make one job-ready. Very less help during project submission.

Placements Approximately 500 companies visit the campus on an average which is quite a good number. But this stat does not reflect towards placement stats. Average placement is around 4 Lacs,highest being 32 lacs. The placement process is not transparent. Students are forced to sit even if not interested. Value-for-money The course cost is approximately 2.5 Lacs per year(tuition)+99500(for lowest hostel rooms, highest being 2,10,000) and considering the placement stats, it takes a good amount of time to recover the invested amount. Other courses are far worse than BTECH. The student should try to grab a scholarship which might give financial benefit. Campus Life Worst features are the qualities of the facilities. Food and water are not good. There are frequent issues. There is a predefined dress code(like school). Good features are the clubs and fest's. They are good and famous. Auditorium seating capacity is good. Anything Else Qualities should be according to m
Review -  2

Posted on 22 Apr' 20 by Anonymous
Batch of Jan. 1, 2022 | B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
College Infrastructure
This college is having one of the largest campuses in India.Most of the facilities are available here.The labs are well equipped .Also the library is well maintained and covering almost all the books.Overall the campus is quite clean and hygienic.But there is room for improvement in WiFi and its speed.
Most of the faculties are PhD holders and are having a good sense of knowledge in their respective fields.They are quite helpful and supportive.But I feel the curriculum is not upto the mark and this is the problem in almost all the colleges in India

Placements are one the USPs of this college with a record breaking performance every year.The placement percentage is around 97% and the highest package of this year was 41Lakhs given by Microsoft.Also the college provides good placement training. Campus Life Campus life is quite good providing students with a lot of opportunit
Review -  3

So i am writing this answer three years after graduating from SRM University, Ramapuram Campus. Mind it my answer would be in respect of IT/CS branch
Firstly, some positive stuff. Cultural diversity, labs, placements all these are good you get enough of everything. Lots of companies visit the campus specially for IT/CS branches and one can get proper opportunities to try out their skills and luck in big companies, even the likes of Microsoft and Google.
But what matters is what they teach and what you take away after four years of college life. My answer ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
They follow a syllabus I don't know of which generation it has nothing to do with what actually is in demand and what is required from a professional software engineer.
Computer labs have topics like java beans, socket programming and basic coding problems like prime numbers, Fibonacci series etc and am talking about second & third year. So I basically did nothing similar to what I am doing today as a dot net developer.
In the final year we were asked to write programs in java to find the area of the circle and so on. Just imagine anyone who has opted for IT/CS in engineering would have basically done this in his school life.
Moving on to the projects. You cannot learn any coding language without implementing it in a real world project. We hoped that we might end up learning something in our project eventually but in SRM you cannot do your own project. We were a team of 4 member, each one of us paid 5K and we were asked to buy a already implemented project from a list of projects given to us yes BUY
So what was our contribution in our final year project?. We had to go to the guys who built it, ask few things, how it works, what it does this and that, make a presentation and present it to our faculty who knew everyone paid for it but behaved as if we did it on our own humiliating us by asking question no one could answer as we never ever worked on it. My project never even worked and we paid 20K for it.
Talking little about the exams. Try scoring good marks in first year which will help you a lot throughout your college life. No matter how good or bad an answer you write in exams, the examiner will give you marks on the basis of what you scored last time. So once a nine pointer mostly always a nine pointer. Relax, enjoy writing crap answers or even any answer to any question and the result will be the same: you will get something close to what you got lost time. (Ask this from any one who has passed out from SRM)
Few more aspects of SRM which i hated: First and foremost the way they treated students. No respect at all. You go to the admin office for work which they are supposed to do for you but they will behave as if you have asked them gold. I myself once waited for nearly four hours just to get a sign from the manager for clearing my scholarship certificate issued to me by the college itself.
Don’t come to college for one day and they will make such an issue out of it. Join a new semester one day late as you have weekly trains from your hometown so you cannot reach the intended date and end up listening to hours of crap from HOD and few of them even ask to meet our parents personally and then only allow to sit in class. Really?? They will travel nearly 2000 kilometers just for you to tell them what a huge career and life threatening mistake i made by reaching one day late yes one day late.
Next, Money. They will never leave any opportunity to ask money from you. Some or other fine for things which you have an idea about. I lived on the second floor in a hostel. Lift services were for students from third floor onward as it did not stop on first and second floor but my No Due form at the end of semester had a fine for something related to the hostel lift which i never ever even used.
Basically, SRM creates an atmosphere where you feel programming is so easy and scoring marks is so easy that you end up taking things for granted thus spoiling hopes of a bright future just after college as a fresher. Take out the placement records and things would be clear. Nearly 95% of those who register for placements end up in bulk companies doing hours of work and getting paid literally nothing.

No, I am not disappointed with my current life. I love coding and i am doing it but what makes me sad is my college life and what i learned in it after spending four years and nearly one freaking million I have learned a lot of programming after leaving college and things would have been a lot different if i would have done all this in my college life itself when I had lots of free time but the curriculum never allowed me to do so. This is my memory of SRM. Many would agree many
Review -  4

Mamta | B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 13 May 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 4
Despite being from a core branch I also learnt to code in multiple languages.
Placements: SRM is best known for its placements. Almost all my seniors were placed in their dream companies and others opted for higher studies. All the teachers are very helpful and approachable and give us proper career guidance in case we feel stuck anywhere. I've learnt a lot and because of that, I was able to score a lot in my exams. There are monthly tests that will help you prepare for the final University exams.
Infrastructure: The labs are well-equipped and contain a large number of devices. The central library has all the books available for the students to read. Be it for academics or some competition or just for leisure. We have a digital library as well. The hostel rooms are very spacious and the warden is friendly. The hostel provides us with homelike food as well. The Wi-Fi speed is too good. And for sports, we have a huge playground to play any kind of sport.

Faculty: I've got 8.9 CGPA till now, all thanks to the faculty and their lectures. We have smart classrooms as well to make the learning fun and the lectures more understandable. Not only in academics, but they have also guided me in my projects as well. The curriculum is designed very well Despite being from a core branch I also learnt to code in multiple languages. Other: I chose electronics and communication engineering because there is a huge scope in this field. You can go to hardware as well as software or b
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