Review - 1

(COMPARISON REVIEW) See first of all you can remove BMSCE if you are comparing between these three as RVCE is ranked above BMSCE in all respects which matters to you .
Now there's a tug of war between VIT and RVCE . Now dealing from your perspective -:
1)Placements - See both of them are closely ranked and have equivalent placement records too. In the current scenario the best people in RV have bagged a package around 13- 20 lacs and the same scenario is there in VIT too as they are also getting the same average package. So I think it's a draw here.

2) Extra curricular activities cum Lifestyle - See the life of the people studying in RVCE mainly depends on you as there aren't lots of festivals and other lively things going around, so RVCE is a bit dull on this side and VIT is a clear winner in this field. Even the facilities and the flexibility provided at VIT is far more than RVCE. So we have a clear winner on this criteria which is VIT. So stepping into your shoes if I were to make a decision I'll go with VIT and would read the poem "The road not taken" once a
Ujwal Soni
Review - 2
As a whole RVCE is good academically and placement wise especially for circuit branches. It has good crowd ,decent hostels,good connectivity,average college life ,good sports facilities the highlight of which is Indoor basketball ground..The Campus is descent with above 50acres. Its an old college so buildings are also old ,being an old college it also has strong alumni base spread all over India and abroad.Being in Bangalore one also gets exposure.But the college is very strict having no freshers and fest .One can get into RVCE by either one of KCET,COMED-K,or MQ(get ready to pay large sums if you want good branch).The NIRF ranking of college is 63 but that's not justified because they also consider research work and all whereas RVCE focuses more on making engineers who are industry ready.For me after BITS and Thapar University it's the best private college in India .
Mandeep Singh
Review - 3

Ashwini om | B.E. in Chemical Engineering - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 15 Apr 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 4
Value for Money 4
This college is one of the best colleges in Bangalore.
Placements: About 80% of the students from our course got placed. Placements in chemical engineering course are quite better than any other private colleges in Bangalore. The highest package salary offered is 13 LPA. The average package salary offered is 4 LPA. Top recruiting companies like Reliance, Hindustan Unilever Limited and Cipla visit our college for placements. Many students from our course got an internship in fertilizer companies, ONGC, etc. Many students are doing an internship in non-core companies also.
Infrastructure: The campus is very good, and the infrastructure is also good. Cleaning is done every day. The college provides a lift facility and a separate seminar hall in every department. The library has many books to read and plenty of labs. The hostel of our college is far better than any other private colleges. The college serves good food with variety. The college has a food court and mini canteen. There is also medical care. In sports, the college provides two indoor and two playgrounds.
Faculty: Faculty members in our college are well qualified and helpful. Most of them are PhD holders in their specific domain. They know how to manage the course and how to deliver it to the students so that all the students can understand the topics. The course curriculum helps the students to know the industrial atmosphere. According to the course curriculum, they prepare the students.

Other: I have chosen this course because I wanted to study chemical engineering and I like chemistry. The best thing about our course is there are many government jobs in laboratory and industry equipment. Our college organises a fest named 8 Mile for 3 days. The campus is crowded only during working hours because only 30% of the students reside in the hostel.
Review - 4

Gaurav Yelluru's Review On R V College Of Engineering - [RVCE], Bangalore
Batch : 2023
Computer Science Engineering
The perks of studying in RVCE
I feel this college is a great platform for an overall growth of a student. It balances both academic and extracurricular activities with equal importance. The girls hostel is outside the campus which is one of the drawback of the college infrastructure.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of R V College of Engineering - [RVCE], Bangalore
Check Placement and Company visited in R V College of Engineering - [RVCE], Bangalore 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
The fee structure for admission through merit is feasible around ?37000 per annum as CET fees and ?50000 CET fees which comes upto ?90000 per year. The fees for students out of the state is about 1.8 lakhs per year.
Placement Wing
Yes, our college does provide internships. Various IT companies offer internships to the students of RV. Bangalore being one of the tech hubs has several IT companies which hire students from our college. Companies like Microsoft, Atlassian, Google, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Infosys, Cisco, Intel, Qualcomm, Accenture offer the highest packages all over the state to students of our college. Around 60-70% of students get internships. Students are hired as software developers, project managers, cybersecurity.
Hostel Facilities
No, I have not opted for the hostel. I am a day scholar nevertheless I have heard there are 2/3 room sharing options available in the hostel. The annual fee is about 1 lakh. The food provided in the mess is of good quality and healthy. There is a PG available right outside the college in case hostel rooms aren't available which costs around ?2.5 lakh per annum.
Our institute is about 52 years old and we have a vast alumni network of students all over the world. We are college seniors coming frequently and sharing their experiences of working in the corporate world. Several of the college alumni I have started their own companies and shared their difficulties and experiences which has motivated me to take up entrepreneurship.
Most of the faculty are PhD holders who are very keen to teach the particular course. They clear all our doubts and also give information on the current updates taking place in that field of study. The faculty also encourage us to write papers and help us publish them if the papers are good.
Campus Life
The gender ratios are not balanced. The number of boys exceeds the number of girls by ratio 2:1. There are several technical clubs which participate in various activities all over the world which help us gain some on field experience. The sports and cultural activities in the college are also splendid and the college provides ample opportunities to showcase one's talents. The college strictly bans any form of ragging/harassment and takes strict action of expelling the student in such cases. Students from all parts of the country come and share their culture with others and also learn various other cultures thereby having a healthy scenario in the college. Students from every religion, caste, gender, race are welcomed and treated equally.
Course Curriculum Overview
The curriculum is designed by our college faculty as our college can set their own syllabus and exams as it is an autonomous college. The college maintains a standard of exams and always designs the paper based on the outlined course outcomes and the Bloom's Taxonomy Level.

College Events We have a big techno-cultural fest "8th mile" held annually in which various cultural, technical events are held in the span of 3 days which draws students from all over the state. We also host an inter-college sports fest where several colleges come and compete against each other in various team and individual sports. The rotary club of our college organises several other social welfare activities/events all through the year. We have "Kannada Sangha'' which promotes our regional language "Kannada" to all the students who have come from all over the countr
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