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RV College of engineering is not just good but it is the Best in Karnataka. I have mentioned in my previous answers as well why it is. I will just explain to you based on a few parameters.
Quality of students:- The quality of college is decided by quality of students. In RVCE only the top rankers of KCET and COMEDK take admission. Even in management quota you need to score very good marks in 12th boards.

Projects and funding- They get funding for project and research work from top government and private institutes. So it helps in the overall practical approach of learning and not just theory. Placements- What many people fail to understand is that placement is not just about getting placed but it’s about getting placed with some higher package. In RVCE the average package for CSE, ISE and ECE students is quite higher than other colleges. This gives a very good kick start to the students' career. There are many factors which we can discuss later. But these are the main points which hopefully answers your question. Tha
Ranjeet Singh
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 It is the best! in Bangalore, it is ranked number 1.
RV college of engineering was established around 1965, and it has been on the top since the beginning. RVCE has maintained its quality through these years and has produced excellent engineers in all the branches they offer.
To give you a perspective, if a student has to get into RVCE they should have a minimum rank of 200 in CET or COMEDK. So basically they take in only students who have high intellectual capabilities.

RVCE has the best placements compared to any other college in Bangalore, this is because students develop the ability to give solutions to any problem. They have become a brand of their own and If you have passed out of this prestigious intuition then you my friend have the ability to conquer the wo
Deepa Ravindra.
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Pratheek J Bhat's Review On R V College Of Engineering - [RVCE], Bangalore
Batch : 2022
Electronics and communication engineering
Honest review after being in college for 2 years approx
The College overall is a great technical institution to pursue engineering and masters, the infrastructure is one of the best in the country. It is spread across a vast area of about 55 acres and has all the basic and luxury features in the campus. And lastly the institution is well known for its placement and repute in the IT world.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of R V College of Engineering - [RVCE], Bangalore
Check Placement and Company visited in R V College of Engineering - [RVCE], Bangalore 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
Feasible if the student is from the government quota, that is if the student gets into the College through KCET ( or to an extent feasible if the admission is through COMEDK also ) But expensive if admission is taken from management quota.
Placement Wing
Placements are one of the best in the country and certainly the best in the state of Karnataka So every student has a great job opportunity. Yes internships are provided in our college. Since I am in my second year I have not applied for any internship in any company. I don't have a full idea of all the companies that visit our college as I am in my 4 th semester now. But the few companies that come are qolcom, analog devices Samsung etc for our branch.
There is a very helpful and large alumni Network in our college, recently During the time of organizing the College flagship event of 8 th mile the alumni Network and seniors were very helpful in bringing sponsors for the event also helped in getting in touch with people who helped in the smooth conduct of the event.
All the faculty are well qualified and Mostly hold doctorate degrees in their field and the new faculty in our department are currently pursuing PhD. And as far as interest is concerned faculty always are open for discussion and clear doubts whenever approached.
Campus Life
Gender ratio is up to 0. 7 roughly ( as per my estimation ), there are many technical clubs that have separate workshops for them, there are students from all cultural societies and diversities, there are students from across the country. There is no issue with tolerance towards anybody.

Course Curriculum Overview The course structure is in par with the best Colleges of the country like IITs and is up to date with the requirements of the recruiting company. Exams and labs Mostly leave us with a Hectic day, of course there are days when they were chill. College Events The 8th mile was recently conducted in our college. It's the biggest techno cultural college event in the entire city of Banglore in which participants for various Colleges had come. It had 65 events categorized into technical, non technical, cultural, sporting also have prize money ranging from 1000 ru to 150000
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college for best education and placement
Posted on 27 Mar' 20 by Smiti Shrma
Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | BE Computer Science and Engineering
College Infrastructure
RV College of Engineering (RVCE) has various facilities and infrastructure provided to the students, faculty and the staff at the college. Facilities like a food court, transport, health centre, sport and gymnasium, reprographic services, rainwater harvesting phases, seminar halls, hostel, and library are provided by the RVCE.
I am pursuing my BE in ece i love etronic devices so i took admission in ece.Teachers are not highly qualified, but they are good. Teaching quality is not the top, but it is better if we read after every class or revise. The course curriculum is relevant and makes students industry-ready, but it is not sufficient for an engineering college.
Very less percentage of the students are placed from our college. The average salary package offered was 5 LPA and the highest salary package offered was 15 LPA. The top recruiting companies were Infosys, BEL India and other good companies. Top roles offered to the students are mostly based on research. Very less percentage of the students are placed from our college. The average salary package offered was 5 LPA and the highest salary package offered was 15 LPA. The top recruiting companies come

Value-for-money the fess take for per year in rv college is 3.90 for per/year i think the things they provide for this amount is not really worth the food in mess and the classroom and instruments in labs i dont say they don't have instrument but half of them does not work Campus Life I have chosen this course because I wanted to study civil engineering. I want to design structures. The best thing about our course is that there are many government job opportunities. This is relatively easy from other courses. Many things which we study are not in present use, so the college should update the syllabus. Our main college fest, named 8 Mile, is organised at our college for 3 days. The campus is crowded only during working hours because only 30% of students reside in the hostel. Anything Else The cllg life is great and study is also great but one thing that hits me the most is the food and living space. That is the reason I personally don't like
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