Review - 1

Uday kiran | B.Tech. in Civil Engineering - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 26 Mar 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
It is one of the best institutes for engineering.
Placements: From our course, around 93% of the students got placed. Our institute provides all the best placements, and for core CSE students, the average salary package offered is 50 LPA. ECE branch also gets high salary packages, and almost all branches will have a total of 90% placements. The maximum number of students get placed in top companies of India. The lowest salary package offered will be 6 LPA. Top recruiters for our college are ABB, Accenture, Aditya Birla Group and Cyient. Almost all students get internships in Aditya Birla Group, ITC, Itron, etc. Most of us get jobs of core roles like an assistant engineer, onsite managers, etc. A few students built their own companies as startups.
Infrastructure: The state of NITW infrastructure is super, which is its backbone. It includes sports, hostels, gym, etc. Our hostels have rooms, and every room is assigned to two students. They provide LANs for us, which are very high-speed. Libraries and classrooms are huge. The food served in the hostel mess is very delicious and yummy and has many varieties available in India as students are from many states, and even some are foreigners. Our college has an open-air auditorium, and the sports and games ground is very nice.
Faculty: Faculty members here have a lot of experience, and they already taught in various NITs and IITs. The information provided by them was very clear, and only experienced faculty members provide information in that way. They are well talented, and they also have the best teaching skills. They are always in contact with us. Our course curriculum focuses mainly on practical learning. We do some research in our college under the guidance of our faculty members, which makes us industry-ready.

Other: Our campus is vast as it is spread over hundreds of acres. Our college organises many fests and also conducts technical fests. Many of the other college's students visit our campus during fests, and in these fests, I got an opportunity to explore my inner talent.
Review - 2

MAYUR GARG | B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering - Batch of 2017
Reviewed on 24 Mar 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 4
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
Overall, I am satisfied with the teachers, ambience, placements, infrastructure, facilities, etc.
Placements: During our tenure, the strength of the class was 128 students, including DADA and MEA students also. A total of more than 100 students got recruited from our branch from our college. Internship opportunities are not on par, but placements are good. A very few students got internships through our campus.
Infrastructure: Hostels are excellent in our college, but the canteen is average. Medical facilities are nice, and there is an option of medical bills reimbursement also. For sports and games, there is a gym in ultra-mega and mega hostel and also a central gym in the college. The central library is excellent.
Faculty: Teachers here are well qualified and knowledgeable. Most of the teachers are approachable and quite helpful. They'll motivate you to do projects and help during brainstorming as well. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it will help in the industry.

Other: Major Events organised in our college are Springspree, Technozion, etc. The internet speed is very good. Scholarships are available for students who get below 2,000 ranks in JEE Main. Merit scholarships are provided for studious students, and some other scholarships are also available for economically weaker students based on their parent's annual income.
Review - 3

VANKUDOTH VINAY KUMAR's Review On National Institute Of Technology - [NIT], Warangal
Batch : 2021
There are many positives when compared with negatives. Positives are studying in NIT is a blessing first of all. Then gaining marks with average percentages and getting immense knowledge is wonderful. Sports , Clubs interacting with different people from different states is really awesome. Negatives are there will be always delay in work in the academic section and examination department.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of National Institute of Technology - [NIT], Warangal
Check Placement and Company visited in National Institute of Technology - [NIT], Warangal 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
It is feasible. The fee structure will be according to the division of categories. For the open category for one semester their tuition fee is 67,500 and hostel fee & mess fee will be around 30,000. For OBC category people tuition fee is one third of open category people i.e, 27,000 and hostel & mess fee is same. For SC & ST people no tuition fee only mess and hostel fee which is feasible. And for other country students it is based on DASA / SARC various divisions.
Placement Wing
Placements wise the one who studied hard and maintained their cgpa got good jobs(our seniors). Someone who didn't have cgpa also got jobs. So it solely depends on you how you manage and get attention towards you for the job. Placements are really good. An average guy can also get a job. Coming to interns , as i was in 3rd year as of now i didn't get any interns but many of my friends got interns.
Hostel Facilities
I have been staying in a hostel since 1st year. In 1st year we are a 1.8 k ULTRA MEGA HOSTEL in which the hostel is superb and 2 persons for one room and outside country people one room for one person. In the second year we are given blocks which are not so good when compared with a 1st year hostel , 3 persons for one room. For 3rd and final years 1 k MEGA HOSTEL which is again good. Only in the second year you have to adjust.
Every year alumni students who passed out will come and share their experiences. They will be different people with different experiences which are really helpful. They guide us. When compared to alumni our seniors are really helpful as they come with their company during our placements and give us tips.
Faculty wise they are really exceptional. Some are outstanding. Some are really tough and some are very friendly. In my 1st year teachers are used to guide us about the future and caution us to read whatever they say in class on the same day itself otherwise you will be in trouble. In 1st year teachers are from different departments. The second faculty are from the respective department only.
Campus Life
In 1st year we used to have EAA (EXTRA ACADEMIC ACTIVITY) which is compulsory. We used to have twice a week. Labs will be there throughout the engineering except in final year final semester. Sports wise there will be different tournaments will be held. And there will also be inter nit competitions held every year. I represent my NIT WARANGAL team in cricket.
Course Curriculum Overview
So I attended the first lecture in my engineering. The first day went very well. Later I got to know that the curriculum would be the same for all 1st years. I enjoyed it very well. But the result was quite disappointing. In 2nd year everyone went to their respective branches. It was again exciting that new fellows , new courses. Some guys I already knew as I met them in 1st year itself.

College Events In our college there will be TECHNICAL FEST known as TECHNOZION and CULTURAL FEST known as SPRING SPREE. And there is also YOUTH FEST recently started from our batch. During TECHNOZION there will be different workshops and events all over the college which is eyefeast for everyone. And during SPRING SPREE cultural activities will be held and pro shows and DJ nights simply awesome
Review - 4

A good college and is known especially for it's placements.
Posted on 08 Apr' 20 by Aditya Sharma
Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
College Infrastructure
It's good and almost everything is available. Classrooms are Ok and are equipped with projectors, wifi, digital flip boards are there for first years. Mess food is not so good here. Although the campus is clean and hygienic.
Academics is up to the mark. Professors are friendly especially for the Mechanical department. Curriculum is good and is followed strictly according to the academic calendar. Quality of teaching is decent.

Placements Placements of NITW are one of the best among the top NITs of India. The placement of CSE is outstanding. And even students of all branches get placement almost in the reputed organizations. For that I will give it 5 stars. Value-for-money Yaa as it is a government college, we can expect it to be for our money. Campus Life Campus life is
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