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Kumar Gaurav Singh | B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 7 May 2020
Placements 4
Infrastructure 4
Faculty & Course Curriculum 3
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
There are numerous tech clubs which provide great exposure and help you grow as an individual.
Placements: Placement percentage in ECE is around 98%. (at times 100%). Placement package details are not officially disclosed by the institute, but on an average, for ECE it is around 8-10 Lacs per annum. Top recruiting companies are (Core): NVIDIA, Texas Instruments (TI), Samsung, Qualcomm, Western Digital, Synopsys. IT: Amazon, Flipkart, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, NVIDIA, Samsung, HP, Acer etc. Students get internships in Qualcomm, Samsung etc.
Infrastructure: Infrastructure is really good, with a spacious 800-acre campus. 1st-year classrooms are fully air-conditioned. Labs, lecture halls and department buildings too are clean and well maintained. The campus is full of greenery, and enough sports playgrounds and courts too, including a gym, swimming pool, indoor stadium, badminton court and A Student activity centre (SAC) too inside the campus. There is a CCD (CAFE COFFEE DAY) outlet also inside the campus, near SAC, and plenty of other food outlets, including juice shops, food courts, laundry and salons inside the campus.

Faculty: Most of the faculty are average, but a few are very good. Curriculum is well structured and comprises all essentials to gain proper insight into a subject. Faculty are approachable for doubts outside the class too. Other: There are numerous tech clubs which provide great exposure and help you grow as an individual. There are great platforms to explore your non-academic side, that is, a lot of non-technical cl
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Ashish Gupta's Review On NIT Trichy, Tiruchirappalli
Batch : 2018
I would say that I had heard a lot about nitt but when I entered in it for the very first time it was a very different experience. There is everything positive about this college. No negatives. Through many activities we meet a lot of people who are great in their respective fields. College is located in a very beautiful city tricky which is one of the most cleaned city with beautiful temples all around and beautiful hill stations. So all positive about it.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of NIT Trichy, Tiruchirappalli
Check Placement and Company visited in NIT Trichy, Tiruchirappalli 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
It's very feasible according to the quality that it provides in its education and overall personality development. For the students who come from backward classes the fess is 10% of what is paid by general and obc category people.
Placement Wing
Placements are almost 100% of all the students of all the branches who want the placenta. Many students are such in the college that they don't take placements deliberately and go for either higher studies or MBA or for some other stuff. So I would say that sometimes companies may have to go without filling their full requirement because students might not be available. In our college if somebody wants to do an internship then they will have to talk to the professors under whom they want to do an internship. If the professor is ready then internship can be done. I did my internship from a company in Chennai.
Hostel Facilities
Hostel infra- hostel infrastructure is best. Almost every hostel has football, cricket badminton courts within their boundary with good quality rooms and even the elevator system for the hostels which are having their floors more than two. rating -10/10 Facilities- every faculty has been provided and if anybody requires any other facility to be installed within the hostel then there is a warden and other people who can be contacted and asked for the facility. Ratings-10/10
Yes one of my passout seniors got selected in IES(CIVIL). Then during a programme he was called there to tell his experience and his success story, this really inspired me. He shared every single step that he followed to get the success.
Faculties are very experienced in their respective fields. Practical aspects of the concept are majorly given main concentration. Apart from the classes, if somebody is interested in another subject which is not in his branch then he/she can go and meet the other branch's professor and discuss anything which is a very beautiful thing about this college.
Campus Life
Labs the best. Every kind of branch specific equipment is there in the building of respective branches. Software for various research is also there which can be used by the permission of the professor. For sports facilities there is a huge ground where football, cricket can be played. There is also a running court. Apart from these there is also an indoor badminton and tennis court.
Course Curriculum Overview
Course in 1st year consists of basic informative subjects which covers basics of almost every engineering branch that is there in the college. In 2nd 3rd year branch specific subjects are taught deeply. In the final year more emphasis is given to the project and some extra subjects are taught which students are supposed to know in a company like project management subject. Exams are conducted in 3 phases per semester(6 months)- 1st- 1st cycle test 2nd- 2nd cycle test 3rd- semester test and lab exams This is the process followed in all four years In final year project reviews are also held along with the exams

College Events With the start of the summer semester in July in September, festember is celebrated. It's a cultural event with a huge budget, international people come for performance and all. Then there is pragyan which is a technical fest. Then there is NITTfest which is an event where every department in the college competes with each other to win in sports and cultural events Apart from these there are other events also happen such as AAYAM in hindi week, ruby cup for cricket etc
Review - 3

  Nit Trichy review
Posted on 12 May' 20 by Sabarni paul
Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | B.Tech Production Engineering
College Infrastructure
The internet and other facilities are quite good.but the physics and chemistry labs need more attention .the classrooms are also very well maintained .the campus is also very neat and tidy along with the hostels.
The curriculum is quite updated as compared to other colleges in the country.i am studying production engineering.the department is also very supportive of research.and also the facility of clubs allows students to explore a lot.
Placements are quite well conducted and college takes a good amount of responsibility.Also the four year seniors help the juniors a lot for the right kind of job and it's preparation.the exposure for higher education is also very well put up.

Value-for-money It's a worthy college. Campus Life The best life i have had until now.its like magic. Anything Else Nit Trichy is a gr
Review - 4

NIT TRICHY IS among the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India.
NIT TRICHY is rated the best NIT since past 50 years.
Excellent Teaching.
Very good Infrastructure.
Superb Labs.
Huge Library.
Awesome Job placements.
Amazing Campus Life.
One of the biggest Engineering College Campuses at 885 acres.
Some of the best Inter College Festivals like FESTEMBER (Cultural) and PRAGYAN (Technical).

Very good Hostels. Pretty decent food. Extremely good quality of intake. Peer groups are of the highest quality -> Every person whom you meet will seem to be better than you in at least one aspect and that can be a very humbling experience. My best 4 years of my life wa
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