Review - 1

Well there are many categories to the answer to your question. I'm best suited to answer your question because I've been here for 3 years now and I'm currently pursuing my 4th year in Mechanical Engineering. (2013–17)
So let's start.
General life - As far as life outside academics is concerned this is a great college. This college literally has so many options for you to venture into. From student clubs to proper technical clubs like the solar Mobil project and formula Manipal (pretty cool trust me) trust me you don't want to waste your time.
Then there is the dramatics societies which don't do much but hey you can party like anything with them.
Sports- The sports scene is quite interesting, we have two semi professional leagues in cricket and football (MIT Cricket league and MIT football league). I was a part of the latter. But there's high competition even here. So you have plenty of time to up your game.
Food - Now coming to the culinary options. Trust me, nothing like this place. Ffs, Manipal has two Mexican restaurants! You have plenty of options and 9/10 you won't be disappointed with the gastronomy in Manipal. Messes are normally better than the ones in any engineering college.
Bars and recreation - The age old notion that Manipal is known for its partying and drugs and alcohol is true. But it depends on what kind of a person you are. I've had plenty of temptations owing to the fact as to how easy it is to get alcohol and drugs over here but it ultimately comes down to you. I've seen people abstain from anything for 4 years to people who do it on a regular basis. So that's there. Bars like Deetee, Zeal and Hideout give the place a different level of charm no doubt. I'm not saying I'm proud about this fact about my college but then again the students have jurisdiction about what they should do and it isn't the college's fault.
Academics- Now as you know this point depends on the branch as well. The faculty for Mechanical and Civil is very liberal and very well endowed with knowledge but the quality of the syllabus is pathetic. We're still being taught stuff which has been extinct for thirty years! This affects a lot of things. Education is more marks driven rather than learning. You're judged by the teachers for getting a low CGPA no matter what they tell you otherwise. It gets a lot worse if you're in ECE, EEE and CSE. The teachers are a nightmare over here for these branches. All the teachers focus on the amount of marks you get and hardly anyone makes sure whether you have learnt something. There's an overload of assignments and tests like any other engineering college. But the labs are in a pathetic stage (especially mechanical and civil) you see a pattern here? You're gonna be a theoretical not a practical engineer.
The current director is trying really hard but I don't think he can do anything about it. The amount of fees taken should be slashed by half in my opinion if not lesser. Dreadful stuff. Teachers are biased towards Kannads (localites) and good luck if you're from anywhere else. Like they'll give them more marks, much more lenient attendance cases and so on. Academically not much to learn. Companies are actually disappointed with the academics.
People- diversity is something to behold. You're gonna learn so much from students from different states that it's beautiful. Everyone has their own take on life and as a multi diverse college you're sure to interact with a lot of people. Many of my friends have grown more confident as the years have progressed. The freedom this place has to offer is unmatched. But not worth paying 20 lakhs.
Placements- One word. Crap. Before you judge me, I'm not sitting for placements so that I can study for CAT and GRE, so yes my opinion is unbiased. The companies treat you like a joke, pay packages are pretty low (except for if you're in the top 10% in CSE or ECE) and funnily at the time of writing this the college is pushing people towards TCS so that they can lie to you from the outside that we have a good placement scene. People in my college are happy with a decent job which is wrong given that we are pressured so much in these three years. An average job doesn't do justice.
Truth is that companies back out each year and hence more people are pushed towards MRCs. Teachers who have taught you for three years push you towards MRCs so that their job is done which is pretty shameful. College is really un-cooperative towards placements and doesn't give two fucks about the quality of companies arriving. It's all about quantity. By quality I don't mean pay packages. The placement coordinator Mr. Giridhar P. Kini is an absolute joke. And if your aim is to join a good company, this college isn't for you. Again, I speak as a neutral. They tried pushing me towards TCS too. Core companies are reducing and the student intake is increasing. You do the math.

OVERALL- Good interpersonal development and a good college life. Average teachers. Bad academics. Fucked up placements. TIP- College helps you towards higher studies so that's a huge advantage. The college is somehow reputed in that sphere. Msc is a good option after a degree from Manipal. Thank you for your p
Review - 2

I’ll evaluate it based on factors which are most commonly considered. There would be a variation of quality branch wise. I'll try to approximate it to the overall.
Faculty- 3.5/5 ( Standard)
Curriculum- 3/5 ( Nothing you can’t learn by yourself. Some irrelevant topics)
ROI - 1.5/5 ( One of the worst ROIs when you consider the packages students in most branches get)
Hostel- 4/5 ( They’re maintained regularly. Wardens are good. Comfortable stay, -0.5 for wifi problems sometimes)
Labs- 3.5/5 ( would have given better, but last semester, my friend in civil faced problems regarding some testing equipment which should’ve been available-Final year project. Infrastructure in most labs is good)

Infrastructure- 4.5/5- Way above average for an engineering college. Clubs/Fest/Competitions- 5/5- This is one of the best things about MIT, Manipal. Cannot think of giving less. Library- 4.5/5- You would find almost everything except fiction. Huge collection. well maintained. Overall- ~ 3.25/5 ( Above average. Standard. Considering the quality of engineering colleges in India, Definitely in to
Ashutosh (crude philosopher), works at MIT, MANIPAL
Review - 3

Revant Garg | B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 9 May 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
Mighty MIT Manipal.
Placements: A variety of companies offer placements in Manipal. As per my knowledge some of the students are recruited for internships and job placement offers in the sixth semester only. As far as ECE is concerned most of the companies offer core as well as non core jobs also. The major companies being Samsung, Nokia, Wipro, Philips etc.
Infrastructure: One thing you can be sure is you will get one of the best infrastructures regarding mess and hostel blocks. There are both A/C and non A/C rooms available, Night canteen, hrs generator and water supply both hot and cold. The rooms are cleaned every alternate day. You get 60 GB of good Wi-Fi service. We have a Table Tennis Room and a common TV room in each hostel block. We have the best labs in India. The classrooms are fully air conditioned.

Faculty: Well the course is at par with the top IIts and NITs. The teachers are very friendly and will help you prepare for all the higher exams. Most of the faculty members use both ppts and blackboards for teaching. We usually have 2 labs in each semester and we have to do a project every semester.
Review - 4

Till now my experience is really good
Posted on 21 Apr' 20 by Bhargav
Batch of Jan. 1, 2022 | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
College Infrastructure
Umm hello there guys I think the college preceeds its reputation and I am really glad to be a part of very good institute with extra curricular activities and mesmerizing cultural fests ,would recommend everyone to join this amazing University with a bit of hard work , yes I am living a beautiful hostel with necessary facilities, faculty are very experienced and they clarify all the doubts of children there is no discrimination
I am studying mechanical engineering in MIT,the quality of teaching is very good all the latest equipment like ppts are used and as teachers give lectures it's recorded too so that students can see them later if they have doubts , yes I think curriculum is updated all the time and MIT can produce graduates who are ready to take on jobs in this fast moving world
The best part of placements heard from my seniors is that placements are really good and with great salary package ,80 percent students were placed most of them were from computer science branch highest salary offered was 22Lpa average was around 10Lpa, I heard college trains u and prepared you for the placements
It costs 4 lakhs per year , yes I would feel I am getting money's worth because of their infrastructure ,co - curricular activities, clubs etc last but not the least faculty and internships are provided from reputed companies

Campus Life The best part is campus life ?, u get to meet new people make new friends best features are the freedom u get in here u can do whatever I want of u follow the rules no one questions you ,worst part in any college would be the boring mess food and attendance , the fellow students , teachers are very nice and friendly , it's located close by a beach so people can enjoy roaming around and there are great malls nearby,there is Kasturba hospital for emergencies Anything Else Would recommend everyone to study hard for the MET test and join this college to learn things in a practical way rather than rote lear
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