Review - 1

Before starting my review I will give my bio so you have my perspective. CSE (2014) from sec-62. 6.8 pointer but decent knowledge of technologies. Member of various clubs like robotics and drama.
Course work - It is a little outdated but so is in every other college. Every colleague of mine had an almost similar course structure. You only realize it after reaching professional life.
Professors - Some are great, most are good and some don’t deserve it to be there. Sounds similar to every other school/college. Nothing different is to be expected here.
Rules you will hate -
1) Attendance needs to be around 70%. Few teachers do allow proxy but it is not very difficult to achieve it while enjoying the college life.
2) Uniforms are a must. They make guards stand once a month to send you back if not in proper uniform. Being a hosteler was friends with all guards and don’t remember wearing a tie or pant except viva/placement days.
Yes, just two.
Campus - It's small. You don’t have a good dedicated football or cricket ground. Basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball are there. Gym is there and the swimming pool too. Compared to the size of the campus they have actually managed to build it efficiently with many resources.
Crowd - 20% are rich enough who came here for just a degree and it doesn’t matter to them what happens in their academics and they are rarely seen in college. 20% are always in their books and they only desire to get a dream package, great ranks in MBA or GATE or GRE. Rest 60% enjoy college life and have fun.
Opportunities - Although the prime focus of everyone in college is to force you to get a good academics grade, you get exposure to lots of other career opportunities. I know people who have become actors, models, assistant directors, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, comedians, successful businessmen, game developers, etc. Just citing one example, Kriti Sanon(google if you don’t know her by name). Coming to academics, the alumni are in almost every major organisation at good positions.

Package/Placement - This is the most important thing for most of them. It may range anything from 2lpa to 24 lpa. I had friends taking both as the package from college(24 one was off-campus). Average package is 4+lpa. Research - The college lacks in it. There is minimal work being done in this part. The problem is however that all the students with good grades are running behind big packages of innovation. The thing is you will get lots of opportunities in college. You will also have many instances when you will hate it. That is probably the best par
Rahul Kumar.
Review - 2

Real good experience.much better than nsit or iiitd.academics is more or less same everywhere.even students in iit complain about the lack of efficiency of the faculty and college administration in providing quality education.To be precise and clear I will like to sum up my experience through pros and cons if the college.
1.Prime location.sector 62 is adjoint to indirapuram.u get almost everything nearby.shipra mall is 5 min walking.sector 63 has almost all food joints.
2.The college definitely boasts of an affluent crowd very unlike other colleges is delhi like ipu colleges where the crowd is lame.This college is known for its happening crowd.Large bunch of delhiites have made the college eventful.
3.A mix culture flows in the college.As the admission are jee based students from all parts if the country flock here.Any reputed college in the country will have a diverse culture to enhance the student perspectives.
4.Very remarkable placement record.almost 90% of the students get on campus placement.
The college tries hard to get everyone placed.Even if students are left they are smart enough to get off campus jobs in MNCs.So no job worry really.
1.The college authorities have a lot of hype about cgpa.if you have a high gpa then your views are listened otherwise u are buzzed off.
This practice is almost prevalent in all colleges in India and even more in private colleges.So nothing to do much about it.
2.The academics are average.If you are hoping to get any inputs like you get from coaching centers then forget it.It's always the students who make a college worth living and not the faculty.The faculty has very little role to play.
3.if u are planning to study cse then u dont have much to worry about.Almost everybody in cse gets placed but not the same for ece,biotechnology or it.
4.Attendance is a big issue. ece department could be considered more lenient than cse department faculties in term of attendance.70% is a must.u are sure to get debarred from giving end sem exams if u are less than 60% unless u manage to beg from faculty and cross the threshold.not every manages to do so.

Ps-the faculty ranking Humanities>biotechnology>physics=maths>cse=ece This ranking might vary from student to student but undoubtedly the humanities department has the best faculty. Note-if you get admission go f
Rohan Kar
Review - 3

Rishul Oberoi | B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 10 Apr 2020
Placements 4
Infrastructure 2
Faculty & Course Curriculum 4
Crowd & Campus Life 3
Value for Money 3
Infrastructure not good, faculty and placements are good .
Placements: 80% of students were placed in my course. The highest package is 20 Lacs offered by Amazon and adobe and the lowest package is 3 Lacs offered by MNC companies. Amazon and Adobe are the top recruiting companies of my course B.Tech CSE. 60% of students got internships from my course.
Infrastructure: Facilities and infrastructure is very bad. No Wi-Fi, library very small and location is too far. The quality of the canteen is very bad and there is no medical facility. The ground is quite good. The faculty members and labs have good infrastructures. Very bad and the quality of food is unhygienic.

Faculty: Teachers are very helpful and completely knowledgeable. The faculty members are qualified and have proper knowledge about the course. They are very friendly and helpful. The course curriculum is relevant and it makes the students industry-ready.
Review - 4

Posted on 19 Feb' 20 by amisha tiwari
Batch of Jan. 1, 2021 | B.Tech Biotechnology
College Infrastructure
The college campus is quite small but still has all the essential ailments and it feels good to be here. The star portion of the college is the library, it is well equipped and studded with all sorts of books. Jiit Noida instead of being small it has all the essential facilities.
The faculties here are highly qualified and very learned. Jiit Noida has the best faculty in house and they are dedicated toward educating the students and making them ready for the future.
No, doubt this is one of the star features of Noida is its placements. The one which they have mentioned on their official website is damn true. They offer excellent placement with the graded MNC's and also fellowships.

Value-for-money You can get out with all of your money values returned from here in terms of academics, placements, in campus life and fest and other extracurricular activities. other than this there are several things here to enhance your skills and get yourself job ready. Campus Life It's great to be here, just regret that if the campus was a little big. though I enjoy it here a lot. The college lacks greenery unlike other big colleges but its still worth to be here as the placements are very
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