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 I did my Masters in CSE from JU & got placed in a High Tier Software company. I was also the University Gold Medallist(for topping in all years).
I will present an unbiased neutral perspective free from any prejudice or partiality. Here is my review:
Academics :
Professor to Student Ratio: It's higher than most universities or colleges in the state. Average classroom sizes would be anywhere between 15(Minimum & Masters students) to 60–70(Maximum & Bachelors). As you can see that it varies, but with respect to other institutions, it's much better.
Quality of Professors: I will emphasize on this point that *some* professors are exceptionally good, so much so, that we used to worship them literally. Maths faculty (taught us some subjects) & CSE faculty are very good & dedicated.
There are sour grapes in the dept. too, whom I would call lazy & worked up rather than poor quality. There’s one prof. who taught us Software Engineering who took just 4 lectures in the entire semester and gave us Powerpoint slides as notes. He simply didn’t care about us. But sadly this problem is there in all colleges in the country sadly.
Professors are very humble, down-to-earth and most of them are easily approachable for doubts & even jokes. This is very important in building a healthy teacher-student relationship of respect & admiration.
Library: Central Library & our Dept. library contained multiple copies of every book we wanted. I’ve never felt the need to look up a book on the internet for buying since everything is readily available.
But, the digital library is poor & barely accessible. This, I conclude, is a problem of publicly funded institutions in the country, not just JU.
Curriculum: It is focussed on advanced topics but the technology used is backdated. For example, Computer Graphics were still being taught using Borland Turbo C in a MS-DOS environment instead of using OpenGL that IITs generally use. A few Professors do encourage studying deeply programming but most simply prefer that “their way is the ONLY way” and any deviation from their method is wrong.
Placement: It depends. Tech. dept. like CSE, IT have near old IIT placements. The very best companies recruit like Goldman Sachs, MS, Ernst & Young, Amazon etc. But, it's not all rosy. Masters find it difficult to even sit for company placement due to restrictions sometimes. Not enough research based companies come who would prefer the deeper knowledge that Masters students have hence MSc, MTech, ME, MCA placements are average to poor. But overall, JU still has better placements in Bengal than any college except for IIT & ISI.
Research: This is where JU shines truly. As a Masters student who initially wanted to do a PhD, I’ve first hand experience of how good research is quality wise.
JU professors have contacts with some of the best professors not only in the state & country but abroad as well.
For example, a delegation from Heidelberg University, a very old & renowned university in Germany came to pick up students for PhD & Masters courses in CSE during my time & I was one of those selected by the professors along with many from BCSE & Masters courses etc.
During my final semester, I did a project on designing, developing & applying large scale Machine learning techniques to analyze crime & predict/forecast crime spots taking some cities from US & India into consideration. For this, I got help from CSE dept. own cluster computing server to run simulations & predictions. Thanks to my mentor’s contacts, I got help & advice from domain matter experts from India’s National Crime Bureau & other crime related agencies. Such level of exposure is only possible if the professors are experienced, have contacts & are immensely important in their fields. Most important of all, professors are very interested in going above & beyond to see the research shine.
Some of my classmates also did excellent projects like my friend who basically developed the algorithm used by Ola/Uber app cabs to predict the shortest route from A to B given current road conditions like traffic as well as time of day. Another girl for her research received a lot of help from professors of ISI Kolkata & IIT Kgp.
Quantity & Quality wise, JU ranks probably 5th to 7th in India with respect to research output beating out some of the older IITs too. Note that while IITs are primarily places for Technology & Industrial research, in JU, research is diverse in other fields like Arts, Science & much more niche fields like Astronomy, nanotechnology & Cryogenics.
Culture :
Politics: It is present & does bother sometimes. I’ve had classes cancelled, tests rescheduled & had had to forcefully sign a politically charged petition against the Governor. It affects us, the students who come to study & meet friends and want to remain neutral.
But, I’ve never been asked by anyone on my political allegiance. No one really discriminates with you on the basis of your religion or wealth or sexuality. This is true freedom.
Attitude of seniors towards juniors: Seniors are the best. They give us old question papers, organize festivities, provide tips on beating exams and are really caring & supportive. I haven’t seen a single instance of ragging or even minor taunts in my entire time there. And when placements come, those seniors who get placed help us on how to crack the same interviews.
Students: My fellow classmates ranged from the hard working to the street smart. They may have “lyadh” for the entire semester but during semester exam time, they were all busy with their notes & showing the JU spirit.
The best of the best come to JU. Some of them don’t have the money to be in IIT & hence come here. Being surrounded by such an atmosphere of good students in high numbers encourages even the mediocre to perform well.
Amenities :
Restaurants: One word. Excellent. I have been staying outside Bengal for the past couple of years and I miss the canteen food. I was that odd guy who used to bring tiffin from home. And yet, I couldn’t resist taking Veg Chowmein or Luchi-Aloo Dum/Ghugni from AC canteen or Staff canteen etc. There are a lot of canteens spread out & are all very good. Prices are low even by Bengal standards and there’s enough variety to have separate food every day of the month.
Toilets: Separate for girls & boys on every floor. They are large, clean and dry. Even though university is old & publicly funded, toilets are in decent shape.
Grounds: The Main campus ground is vast, the Salt Lake campus ground serves as a cricket pitch for even international players like Chris Gayle.
Greenery: Entire campus is enveloped by trees, bushes and pollution is minimal. After reaching JU wading through traffic on a jam packed bus or Metro, it feels refreshing to breathe the clean air & see the beautiful scenery inside the campus. The Salt Lake campus has large flower gardens too.

Value for Money : Scholarships: Free Studentship is available to anyone below a certain wealth threshold which helped me a lot since my father retired over 15 yrs ago and I could fund my entire education through doing private tuitions in CS & Maths. Even without any scholarship, it's dirt cheap. Only Calcutta University is cheaper. Staying in Bangalore, I feel proud that I was in JU, receiving top end education at such low cost. For example, my entire Masters cost less than a single semester in a Pvt. University. As I said before, food is very cheap. Just opposite to JU is Xerox corner, where one can xerox hundreds of pages at cheap
Arindam Chatterjee.
Review - 2

Abhishek Kumar's Review On Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Batch : 2021
Bachelor of civil engineering
Best return of Investment
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Check Placement and Company visited in Jadavpur University, Kolkata 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
Very low fees:- JU is the place where you almost study for a free. We pay Rs. 10, 710 in the entire four years for achieving the engineering. There is very minimal charge for exams around 100 for each semester. college is very much transparent in college breakdown.
Alumni network is very strong in jadavpur university. Reunions take place every year to make the bond stronger between seNiors and juniors which also helps in placements.
There are almost 20 lecturers in my course and they are very experienced. But their teaching methodology is very old. They are not using the latest technology. There is No, mikes in classes so sometimes it is very difficult to listen to the faculty. Average age of the faculty is around 50.
Campus Life
Life is great at Jadavpur. There are in total 14 clubs existing in JU and on top of that we have our own JU Journal, a student run media body inside the campus. You will spend some quality time here. JU is one of those rare institutes where the engineering, science and arts faculty reside in the same campus separated by a dirty pond. 50% attendance is the minimum criteria required for being able to sit in the internal exams and semester exams is just on pen and paper. In reality, there’s No, such rule. However, attendance in the session classes is mandatory.
Course Curriculum Overview
Curriculum is not updated for this course. Students still drawing on the paper. It should be autocad. Some labs have new apparatus but most of them are old. Each year we have two semesters in December and may. There are two midsem in each semester. The teacher are supportive and they will help in project or research you want to do. It has great role in making better professional.

College Events There are in total 14 clubs existing in JU and on top of that we have our own JU Journal, a student run media body inside the campus. You will spend some quality time here. Apart from this we have our cultural fest Sanskriti which lasts for 7 days. TechNo, management fest SRIJAN. We have a sports event called AREN
Abhishek Kumar's Review On Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Review - 3

Cheap, Prestigious, Door for Opportunities
Posted on 08 May' 20 by Soumya Roy
Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | BE Civil Engineering
College Infrastructure
College provides all the necessary infrastructure, facilities and equipment needed for proper understanding of our course. We have a high-speed WiFi enabled campus and each departmental building has one Library where one can lend books and also avail online research material at ease. The living spaces are generally clean and the food here is extremely good and cheap.
I am pursuing Civil Engineering here. The quality of teaching is unparalleled. The curriculum is upto date and includes all the recent developments in this field. The professors take special care in making us aware of the industrial use of all the topics taught and hence make us instantly job ready candidates.
The placements in Jadavpur University are famous all over West Bengal. Top companies come to our college for placements. Many students get multiple job offers and more or less everyone gets placed. The percentage placed is nearly 85-90 percent each year and the top packages cross 60 lpa. The average package is around 15 lpa. Our college has an extremely student friendly placement cell. In fact a lot of student bodies take part in the placement drives and hence the placements are these good.
The course costs us just 11500 for 4 years! That’s just around 2500 a year! You won’t find any college this cheap with this level of placements. We feel we are getting much much more than the amount we pay for.

Campus Life Campus Life is just Awesome! A student can do so much in our college. There are various activities that are organised nearly each and every month! We have a gym totally free for the students! We have mountaineering clubs, art clubs, photography clubs, dance and music clubs and so on! You can even learn foreign languages here : Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc etc. The teachers are extremely frank and open to students. College is extremely near to AMRI hospital and South City Mal
Soumya Roy Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | BE Civil Engineering
Review - 4

 Outstanding university
Posted on 19 Mar' 20 by Anonymous
Batch of Jan. 1, 2020 | BE Chemical Engineering
College Infrastructure
Jadavpur university is the pride of West Bengal, as we know university have eco-friendly and green campus, it spread over 58 acres of campus and have good infrastructure including gymkhana, library, academic blocks and more things
Jadavpur university is famous for their academics as well as placement, by seeing academics, university provides great academics as well as good teaching also, all teaching staff is well and good qualified.
University recorded as the state best placement providing university as well as university give the opportunity to work in multinational companies including google, Microsoft and lots of other companies.
Of course university is worthy for how much we pay, college is government and it provides great accommodation for very small fees.
Campus Life
Campus life is not that good, students are fighting and strikes happen every time, university is co-education, and trying to stop all these activities..

Value-for-money Of course university is worthy for how much we pay, college is government and it provides great accommodation for very small fees. Campus Life Campus life is not that good, students are fighting and strikes happen every time, university is co-education, and trying to stop all these activi
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