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Ritick Goenka's Review On Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Roorkee
Batch : 2021
Great college
There are many positive and negative remarks, the best thing about IIT Roorkee is the exposure that it provides to students studying here, you are surrounded by brilliant minds full of new ideas so they excel in every field of life.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Roorkee
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Roorkee 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
There are fee waivers for poor students and there is no fees for sc st students for general students there is a fee of appx. 1. 25 lacs per sem but this can be waived off if the family is poor. This is very less compared to private.
Placement Wing
The placement and job opportunities are really really good, also google comes for placement in our college. Yes, my college provides internships. Google provided a stipend of 93k of to our college students for software engineering roles.
Yes, sometimes they are helpful but I have not received or asked for any help from any alumni so I can't really tell how it is like so there is less experience. But others say they are helpful and will tell you several things.
Of Course the faculty are highly qualified to teach but very few know the art of teaching and there are many other factors that come into play when we talk about this thing in college compared to other colleges.
Campus Life
The ratio is worse, there are many boys you will hardly see any girl, there are many workshops being held every year and many interesting things to learn from the workshops you will know when you visit them.

Course Curriculum Overview It is old just like any other college but they are trying their best to get it back on line but as of now it is old school. There is one mid term exam and then there is an end term exam and there are quizzes and marks based on class work performance. College Events There are many festivals, many people come and enjoy this fest, from outside as well as inside the campus. During my first year Farhan Akhtar came to our college to sing songs. It was one hell of an expe
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Madhur Vishwakarma | B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering - Batch of 2020
Reviewed on 31 Mar 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
IIT Roorkee is a great institute.
Placements: More than 90% of the students get placed from college. Almost 50% of the students get good internships. Roles offered are as a software engineer, electrical engineer, consultancy, etc. All the top companies like Google, Uber, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, etc. visit the campus for recruitment.
Infrastructure: The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The department labs are well-equipped. The institute library is awesome. Nearly all kinds of sports and games are available. Classrooms are well maintained. The institute has its hospital.

Faculty: Faculty members on our campus are highly versatile, qualified, and are having a lot of research experience. The teaching quality is also great. The course curriculum of the department is industry-oriented and is updated to meet modern technologies. Students graduating are industry oriented.
Review - 3

Since I am a student here, I can answer this question. You take your time to read this and that's it. You will get to know about it.
IIT Roorkee is the oldest technical institution in Asia ( Earlier named as College of Civil Engg. at Roorkee followed by Thomason college of Civil Engg.) built in 1847. Later named as University of Roorkee in 1948. And finally got it's IIT tag in 2001.
There are many factors which one should take into account while judging any college. But, for this question I would stick to IITR specifically.
1.)Location : It is located in the heart of the city Roorkee, uttarakhand. It hardly takes 20 minutes by auto-rickshaw to reach the college from the Railway Station. Just besides the campus is the Bus Stand where you can frequently get the buses going to Rishikesh,Haridwar and Delhi.The nearest Airport is in Dehradun.Due to it's good location, students at IITR enjoys the tourists places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Nainital, Musssoorie , Chandigarh,Tehri, Shimla, Manali and more such places.
2.)Academics : Professors at IITR are well educated and experienced. But since it was recently converted into IIT so some of the Profs. are prevailing from University Of Roorkee instead of coming through the HRD ministry. But then also they have good sort of experience. Apart from this, IITR has conventional tools and machinery(especially in mechanical & prod Engg. and Civil Engg).
3.)Infrastructure : It has a wide campus of 365 acres flooded with greenery. It has James Thomson building as the main administrative block situated at the center of the campus. Apart from different departmental blocks & two LHCs(new one is almost completed) and Convocation Hall, it consists of a huge library (MGCL) besides the James Thomson building. In addition to that, it has three playgrounds (LBS stadium,MajorDhyan Chand Stadium and ABN ground) and a swimming pool. Beside these , IITR campus has Volleyball , Basketball,Badminton and Lawn tennis court & has a centrally established gym. Also, College has MAC (Multi-Activity Center) which has an Open-Air Theater(OAT) and the central auditorium. Also there is a SAC(Student-Activity Center) building where students can chill out post lectures.
4.)Campus Life : Campus life is chill & enjoyable. Here you will get the highest internet speed among all the colleges. Except for the first one month from the day of joining the college,there are no restrictions on students leaving their hostel(first one month is restricted for security reasons). So, one can chill out with their friends and can make night out with them!
5.)Hostels : Hostels in IITR are typically named as Bhawans. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. Coed hostels are there for Phd students (or for equivalents) only.Some hostels like Rajendra Bhawan, Ganga Bhawan,Jawahar Bhawan are as old as 150–160 years and are restricted to 2 floors(at max.). But new Bhawan's such as Radhakrishnan and Rajiv Bhawan are bigger.Girls can come into the boys hostels till 12 PM and vice-versa. Each hostel comprises a gym, library, washing machines, common rooms and canteen facilities.Volleyball and Badminton courts are there in each hostel.
6.)Mess and cafeteria : Mess at IITR is good I would say. A/C a report(announced in the orientation programme which I attended) food quality is best among all the IITs. Specially breakfast is good and healthy followed by dinner and lunch. IITR also has a CCD, Subway, Nescafe, 4–5 cafeteria and obviously canteens. Canteens at IITR are quite economical. Best thing about it is that if you feel hungry even at 3 AM then there are TAPRI's open for you all night.
7.)Groups and Clubs : There are many groups and clubs including Technical, Coding, Cultural groups such as Music, Dance, Photography, Literary, Poetry, Drama,lighting, stand up, culinary etc. you name it! Also that coding culture at IIT is best among all the IITs.
8.)General stores : Each hostel comprises a general store and a saloon. You will find your basic requirements and get your hair cut here. Apart from these two, some hostels also have tailor and iron-man(for clothes) facilities.
9.)Outside the Campus : You can visit Solani Park (which is approx. 2 kms from the campus).Often students go to visit Ganga canal which is again located beside the campus. Also,Outside the campus you will find lots of restaurants and hotels at affordable rates.

10.) Placement Statistics : Placement for CSE and ECE is best among all the branches available at IITR followed by MSM(Applied Mathematics) and Electrical. These branches get decent packages with the average package of around 20 lakhs.(around 18 lakhs for electrical). Mechanical department(ME + PI) has also a good record in placement with an average package around 12 lakhs.
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Udit Kalani's Review On Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Roorkee
Batch : 2021
Applied Mathematics
The title is very standard
College management is just like other government organizations.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Roorkee
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Roorkee 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
The fees depend on the income of your parents. If it is less than 5 lakhs, then you can study for free otherwise it is 1 lakh tuition fee per semester. Other fees include that of hostel and mess(18000 per annum), around 2000 for the industrial trip, 10000 for other things.
Placement Wing
We are offered many on-campus placements and can also apply for internships in top colleges and companies across the globe.Last year we also got placement offers from Adobe, Goldman Sachs Microsoft, Royal Bank of Scotland, Oracle, PayPal, InMobi, Flipkart, Deloitte, Cognizant.
Hostel Facilities
Yes, it is compulsory. All the rooms in the hostels here are single-seater, which according to me is the best feature of the hostels. You are on your own. You work, study, listen to music according to your own time, with no one to tell you to put the lights off or lower the volume down.
Our college doesn't have much alumni network but we have really helpful seniors which help in every way possible.
The faculty of IIT Roorkee is among the best in India. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and have very high research output. Almost all professors have relevant industry-experience or certifications. They have a good idea about how to prepare for the exam and check the knowledge of the student.
Campus Life
The gender ratio is very bad i.e. 1 is to 10. We have a very liberal community in the campus which doesn't discriminate with respect to gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, politics and economic status. The campus included groups for every extracurricular activity
Course Curriculum Overview
The course structure is pretty much similar to Mathematics and Computing at other IITs,the course is designed such that at the end of your course your knowledge proceedings would be diverse enough to land you a job of your choice(if placement is what you want to seek)considering the diverse curriculum that the branch has to offer,and inclusion of courses like Data Structures and Algorithms,Linear Algebra,DBMS may help you in your enthusiasm for coding.If you,at later stages,which is quite possible,develop your interest in research,there are ample opportunities to pursue your field of interest in Mathematics and related fields.Plus the perks of studying at an older IIT will always be there.You will have the company of some really talented seniors in the field of coding which would boost up your enthusiasm to code.

College Events Mainly we have 3 big events - Technical, cultural and sports festivals in which students from all over the country participate and compete. The technical festival is the biggest in the whole contingent. The sports festival is one of the biggest in north Indi
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