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Kiran Kumar's Review On Indian Institute Of Technology Madras - [IITM], Chennai
Pursued First Year
Batch : 2020
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering)
Awesome and lovely college I have ever seen.
IIT-Madras is definitely one of the most prestigious institutes in the country.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology Madras - [IITM], Chennai
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology Madras - [IITM], Chennai 2020 - 2021
Entrance Preview
The entrance exam is IIT JEE advanced. My score to get into this college was 51℅ and my all India advanced rank was 1016 . Ofc Open category. According to reviews and ratings IIT madras is on the top ranking number one technical institute in all over India.My passion is to become a mechanical engineer. According to cutoffs of iit madras, luckily I have got my lovely branch.Really I'm satisfied with this campus.
Fee Structure And Facilities
Fee structure is according to the reservation candidates and according to below 1 lakh income students below 1 lakh and reserved guys have feasible fee and OC candidates have very expensive starting from this year up to 2 lakh per year nearly for OC students.
Placement Wing
The placements in every IIT are good, and since Madras is one of the top few, they’re brilliant to say the least. Better placements are going on every year.people are going out with their average exceptions. The Training and Placement office is the nodal point of contact for companies seeking to establish a fruit fun relationship with IIT Madras.
Hostel Facilities
The Ascendas I.T park, being very near to the boys hostel, is the most common hang-out place for the students. It has a huge food court which houses restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc.; other than this the nearby places would be Dominos pizza, Wang's kitchen, etc.On an average, classes take up about 24 hours of every week, with saturdays and sundays being holidays. Late night chats with friends, and hanging out in the CCD located inside the campus are the most common pastimes every weekend. There’s a million things to pursue, provided you find the time and provided you’re able to handle your rigorous academic schedule side by side.
At one point of time, most IITs were notorious for their ragging-activities, but with the introduction of strict Anti-Ragging laws, you hardly see anything major at IIT Madras, though something or another does pop up once in a while. But the interaction s very useful and must
The professors here are very interactive and enthusiastic about the subjects they teach, and of course highly experienced. Most have a minimum of a PhD degree from an IIT or some other premier institute in the world. The Dean shares an excellent rapport with the students who are equivocal in their praise for him and say that he’s one of the best professors the institute has ever had.
Exam Structure
The iits are under control of the Government of India and therefore have strict rules for grades. Depending on the course the evaluation is based on participation in class, attendance, quiz, exam and/or paper. Continuous evaluation is done by course instructors. The Evaluation System of IIT Madras which is also used in other IITs is the Cumulative Grade Point Average with a scale from 0 to 10.
Course Curriculum Overview
If you know you want to do Engineering, but you still don't know what course to pursue, you should have a look at our brief synopsis of each course. I am a mechanical engineer. So I can explain about mech engineering. It can be referred to as the mother of all branches in engineering. Involves a lot of technical drawing and must be opted only if you are sure that you don’t mind spending the majority of your time in drawing and other related calculations. Complicated physics comprises a major part of the curriculum. Basics of automobiles are also included as a part of this course. A lot of core mechanical companies, including Larsen and Toubro, Godrej offer highly technical job profiles. Students are expected to have a good knowledge of what they’ve studied in the past 4 years.

Internships Opportunities Internships can vary from core interns to finance interns. The average salary packages are really high – even more than what an average MBA can expec
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Mrityunjay Shukla | B.Tech. in Engineering Design + M.Tech. in Automotive Engineering - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 16 Mar 2020
Placements 4
Infrastructure 4
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 4
Review of Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
Placements: Approximately 90 % of the registered candidates got placed from our course, and the good thing about those placements is that almost 50% went into a core field, which was a very good number. The highest salary package offered was 26 LPA, and the average salary package offered was 14 LPA. Top recruiting companies are Jaguar, Rather, Bajaj, Bosch, Renault-Nissan Boeing, MRF Tyres and Eaton for core-based profiles. The non-core placements scenario is also pretty good.
Infrastructure: Classrooms in our college are pretty well-equipped with projectors and screens. Some rooms even have air-conditioners. We have the most number of labs in our department, which makes the learning process even more fun. The central library is open till 12:00 AM in the night and very conveniently located and accessible. All the buildings are Wi-Fi enabled. The Freshman hostel and Bhramaputra hostel are decent. But monkeys inhibiting this hostel is a problem. The other hostels are also very good and provide a great atmosphere for learning and bonding. All kinds of sports and gaming facilities are available. For the medical facilities part, we have 24x7 running Institute Hospital, which caters to all student demands. The food served in the mess is good, with a lot of variety and possible changes which is a diversion from the general perception.
Faculty: Teachers in our college are very highly qualified. They know very well how to impart knowledge to the students. The teaching quality though varies from one teacher to another but more or less remains the same. This course has been recently introduced and is highly relevant to today's age. The speciality of the course is that there is a compulsory one semester along with industrial internship where a student is made industry-ready. The labs in this course are totally for developing the student's interest and aptitude in this field.

Other: The campus is beautiful, and there are deers and blackbucks on the campus. Our annual cultural fest is called Saarang and is one of the biggest in South India. Our tech fest Shaastra is excellent. The E-cell of our institute is also highly active and inculcates entrepreneurial spirit among all the residents. The connectivity from both the airport and railway station is pretty good. Campus life is awesome.
Review - 3

Well here is a full review of IIT Madras. I will give you information on all the things that you need to know. I won’t be concluding if it’s better than any other IITs or it’s worse. You can conclude that yourself. But here is all the information that you might need.
NIRF Ranking: IIT Madras has been ranked at the first place among all the engineering colleges in India with a score of 89.05
Campus Information: The campus was established in the year 1959 and the institution is spread across 618 Acres. There is a lot of greenery around the campus and this the one thing you are going to love the most about IIT Madras campus.
Courses: The college offers a total of 9 UG courses and 31 PG courses in engineering. You can get all the core branches for B.tech in IIT Madras and by core branches i mean the old ones which haven’t been derived from any other branch.
Eligibility: The minimum cut off is 60% in the Mains, Advanced and Boards exam. Of course the entrance exam for this college is the JEE Advanced exam.
Student stats: Total number of IIT Madras undergraduate seats are 466 and the postgraduate seats are 429. Total number of PhD students in IIT Madras is 1962. The college sponsored research funding in a year is around 318 crores.

Faculty Information: Total number of faculty members are 614. The faculty student ratio is 1:9 (which in my opinion is awesome). Placement: UG Placement: 100%, PG placement: 94.7%. The average salary of a placed student is 13,00,000 for an undergraduate student. For a postgraduate student it’s 8,75,000. Campus information: The library contains 1.05 lakh books. There are a total of 21 hostels. The campus also has facilities for sports like Cricket, Basketball, football and volleyball. This is all you need to know I guess. Placements clearly show what is the level of the IIT Madras. I hope this helps you. All the
Review - 4

 IITians Review
Posted on 16 Mar' 18 by Rahul M Narayan
Batch of Jan. 1, 2021 | BS and MS Physics Dual Degree
IIT-M is an institute to aspire for. I have known students who studied there did continue with their higher studies there itself and got settled in one form or other.None cold separates them for they were so obsessed with the super-duper Campus and so made up their minds to settle for life time in ITT-M. It is one of the best even known self-contained Campuses par excellence.The only glitch (really sickening) that I used to face while pursuing my higher research-studies there, in early-80s, was the "total lack of cooperation" from staff members 'at Workshops' -- their behavior and attitude towards students and researchers were not up to the mark/expectations, a truly disgusting experience, unpardonable. With the changes in the Leadership and remuneration packages for better, now the story must be very favourable. In my considered reckoning, every parent MUST encourage their children to dream for studying in IIT-M and help prepare them to realize their Dreams -- you will not regret not your children if an opportunity is there to get engaged with this Institute.

With the changes in the Leadership and remuneration packages for better, now the story must be very favourable. In my considered reckoning, every parent MUST encourage their children to dream for studying in IIT-M and help prepare them to realize their Dreams -- you will not regret not your children if an opportunity is there to get engaged with this Institute.
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