Review - 1

Sharvari Sriram | Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 21 Apr 2020
Placements 4
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 4
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 4
Compulsory internship and fests are enjoyable.
Placements: This year approximately 71% got placed in both core and non core placements. Out of a batch of approximately 35 people, approximately 4-5 students took core jobs. Jobs varied from architects to financial advisors. No foreign jobs though. Compulsory internship in 8th semester.
Infrastructure: Food facilities are okay. Rest is all good. The Wi-Fi connection in some halls of Residence isn't that nice. Labs and classrooms are well maintained. Very huge library with good content. Food quality in some halls might degrade as days pass. The hospital admits one for trivial cases too.

Faculty: They're knowledgeable but some non-department teachers can't explain that well. Department professors teach really well. The Department Course is very nice. The projects really help students to understand the subject well and apply it later in the curriculum. Other: Rules might be strict for some. But really nice college and campus life. Fests are enjoyable. Architecture dept has good bonding with seniors
Review - 2

Review On Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Kharagpur
Batch : 2021
Agricultural and food engineering
Good with a few shortcomings
Generally good but research facilities and motivation should've been better.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Kharagpur
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Kharagpur 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
Fees is 1 lacs / sem. And hostel fee is nearly 33k / sem. The breakdown is clearly provided by the institute and mode of payment can be any among e challan, net banking credit, debit cards. No additional fees are required to get admission into any course here.
Placement Wing
Last year around 90% of people got placed with an average package of around 10 lpa and 500/1500 students bagged internships from college itself.
Hostel Facilities
Yes. Hostel rooms are of decent size. Usually there are triple, double and single rooms. They contain a table chair and a bed, equipped with fans. No AC or collars are there. Mess facilities are there in each hostel.
Yes. Alumnus help in securing good connections for internships and all. Also they contribute in giving valuable advices and sometimes funding to the institute
Mostly good with decent knowledge although I feel could've been better. Some faculties are very knowledgeable and really good. Some are although very old and methods of teaching are old which should change in near future. New faculties are usually very good.
Campus Life
Great campus life. Gender ratio is 1 girl to 20 boys. But since the govt. is increasing girls quota it is expected to change. Extracurricular activities are very frequently held. Sports, cultural and technical events take place regularly with a large pint of budget allocated to the same.
Course Curriculum Overview
Course contains a lot of theory subjects and laboratories. Course has subjects of 4 specialisations. Exams take place twice in a semester with quizzes and tests regularly. There are 2 semesters in a year. Total of 10 semesters for 5 year course. The specialisations are food, tractor, irrigation and systems modelling.

College Events Every department has a fest. Main cultural fest is spring fest and technical fest is Kshitij. Some fests are: Prakriti for agri dept. Prithvi for geology. Great step Megalith etc. Fests mostly have a good budget and a lot of famous celebrities come to give a performan
Review - 3

The Institute that serve the nation
Posted on 21 Apr' 20 by Gaurav Nemade
Batch of Jan. 1, 2021 | Master of City Planning
College Infrastructure
IIT Kharagpur has the largest campus among all IITs, around 2100 acres. It has all the necessary infrastructure including, library, cafeteria, hostel, sport complex, gym, swimming pool, hospital, auditorium, labs, WiFi, and market. Central library is one of the finest libraries in Asia. Apart from canteens, there are several cafes such as CCD, Subways, Mia Amore, Amul Ice-cream parlour, veggies, eggies for night, etc. The campus is clean, well maintained and promotes cycling for better health.
I am pursuing a Master of City Planning at the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, as my area of interest is development of the city and region. The department secured 1st rank in India. The institute has all supporting infrastructure for academics such as labs, stationary and printing accessories. All faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. The course curriculum is as per guided by Institute of Town Planners, India. It helps us to acquire skills essential in the industry.
Almost 98% students are successful in getting the placement of their choice with an average salary of 9 lac to 12 lac per annum. The four big firms (EY, Deloitte,PwC, KPMG), Google, accenture are some of the top recruiters. The placement process is easy and convenient. The college has a Career Development Centre (CDC) to look after all the work associated with internship and placement.
The fee of the course is around 1 lac per annum, including tuition fee, accomodation and mess charges. I feel that the money is worthy as the institute provide quality education with all necessary services. Also, master students get stipends of 12400/- per month so it's worth it.
Campus Life
The campus life in IIT KGP is awesome. The campus is huge around 2100 acres and has scenic beauty that is great for cycling. The campus is lively, and one can get food at night too. Students can engage in various technical and cultural activities. It has several clubs and societies such as technology club, aquatic society, Literary society, technology filmmaking and photography society, etc. Also Khisitj (Tech fest) and Spring fest (cultural) are events that help students for development.

Anything Else If you want to pursue a quality education with a healthy life, the institute is the best for it. Also the institute celebrates diwali in a unique way - Illumination. It also has interhall competitions and hall days which are famou
Review - 4

I am a KGPian and I am proud to be one. It is one of the best things that happened to me till date and will be in the future. IIT Kharagpur is one of the prestigious institutes in India and many dream to study here.
Following are some pros and cons of IIT Kharagpur:
You will be in the oldest and largest IIT in India with an area of 2100 acres. The campus is a magnificent one, and according to me one of the best in India. IIT Kharagpur has the most number of departments among other IITs and so can accommodate the most number of students.
IIT Kharagpur provides one of the best academic facilities in India with highly qualified professors.
The research facility in IIT Kharagpur is exceptionally good where the students can work under highly qualified professors/mentors with very good laboratory facilities.
International exposure of IIT Kharagpur is very wide and students can easily find overseas internships, PPOs and job offers.
Placements at IIT Kharagpur have risen to soaring heights with high-salary job offers from MnCs, IT companies, core companies and non-core companies both domestic and overseas. Average package for most of the departments is 10–12 lpa while some branches are offered a rather high average package of 17–26 lpa.
Career Development Center (CDC) of IIT Kharagpur is very good which gives proper guidance and opportunities to students.
The extra-academic activity of IIT Kharagpur is mainly looked over by Technology Students Gymkhana. Number of extra-academic activities is fairly large ranging from robotics club to social development club to music club to fine arts club and what not. What you require is to name your favourite activity and you will find it there.
Opportunity for sports is huge with well furnished cricket, football, basketball, badminton, squash, tennis, table-tennis, athletics etc. fields and an olympic size swimming pool.
The atmosphere and peer-connection in IIT Kharagpur is one of the best. You get greenery all over and the friends are awesome. And most importantly is the internet speed. It is extremely fast and you can download a movie in less than 20 seconds.
One of the major drawbacks of IIT Kharagpur according to many people is the location. It is located in a backward and rural area and you will find villages and forests if you go 5 km outside the campus (You will not require to go outside the campus as you will get everything you want in the market named as Tech-market). Had the location been in an urban area, opportunities would be even better as it is for IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay. But on the other hand, if the campus was situated in Kolkata, it would not be this big and the hostels too would be like tall buildings instead of having open areas for playing.
Another drawback is the number of girls in the campus. If you take admission into IITs with the hope that you will make a lot of girl friends (note the space in between), then I am sorry. You will hardly find one. The ratio is 10:1 as boys:girls. So better luck if you are looking around for girls, though this is a secondary concern as you come to IIT to study and make your career bright and not to hook around all time.

If you don’t love rain, then it will be a hard time for you in the monsoons. The time when the classes start for the freshers, they will face rain everyday. It will be unpredictable when there will be a downpour. Once you will see the sun hot and bright while you wake up from sleep, and you will find it raining just when it is time for you to attend classes. It is really a messy monsoon here in Kharagpur. So having read the pros and cons of IIT KGP, I will advise you to take an admission here and be a part of the KGP culture, explore it, and I assure you, you will have an excellent time here in KG
Sarthak Chakraborty
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