IIT - Kanpur
Review - 1

  Rakesh Kumar Parewa | B.S. in Economics - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 25 Apr 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 4
Value for Money 5
IIT Kanpur is India's top 5th institute. Culture and college life at IIT Kanpur are amazing.
Placements: Above 90% of the students get placed every year from our college. The highest salary package offered by companies in India is 45 LPA and 1 crore per annum in foreign, while the lowest salary package offered is 5 LPA-6 LPA. Recruitment companies for our college are Amazon, Infosys, Facebook, Reliance, Flipkart, Apple, etc. The placement session is conducted in December and summer.
Infrastructure: Hostel facilities are good here, and high-speed and unlimited internet facility is available. There is a machine to filter water, and there are also washing machines in the hostel. There is a canteen with decent food, which is served at a reasonable price. Every 3 days, cleaners clean the rooms and bathrooms. There is good security in the hostel.

Faculty: Professors here are helpful, but it depends on you how much you are interested in that course or not. If you are good in that field, all courses are excellent. All professors are studied at high universities. They provide all material of the course, and they recommend the best books.
IIT - Kanpur
Review - 2

Shekhar Saini's Review On Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Kanpur
Batch : 2021
True reality From a 3rd year student
College bad remarks is that academics load is very high and grading policy is very bad compared to other institutions.
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Kanpur
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Kanpur 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
It is a very costly institute in india. But indian government gives very high scholarships. For general students whose family income more than 6 lacs per annum have to pay 1lacs for tuition fees per sem. 3k -4k mess + hostel rent per month. Other personal and stationary things cost around 5k per sem. For other categories, student Tuition fees 1/3 of 1lacs. If family income < 1lcs per annum Tuition fees free If CGPA> 6.5 TUITION fees return. Before admission there are some advance Payment which later counted in fees. So fees structure is very feasible. There is 100% transparency in fees
Placement Wing
98%Students are placed every year. Google,Samsung,Goldman Sachs, Bajaj, flipkart and many other Yes institutes take steps to prepare for placements but not many steps. In placement preparation students themselve have to take steps.
Hostel Facilities
Yes, Hostels rooms are in very good conditions. New hostels are very nice compare to hostels which constructed at time of institute establishment. Full campus has free unlimited high speed wifi access. Each bed has a LAN CABLE port for the internet. 24x7 water and electricity facility. Every hostel has its own mess and e-shops. Sports grounds are also in every hostel and for institute level also. Beautiful gardens are there because hostel area is very large. Lift facility are there in new hostel which goes to 6 floor. 1 table,1 chair is offered to students for study. 1 almirah for each student. For washing clothes there is a separate washing room with washing machines or we can give to dhobi. There is HEC (HALL EXECUTIVE committee) formed by students voting approved by institute official to manage hall. Cleaning facility is very nice. Average rental for a bed and electricity is included in mess bill which emailed to each student by HEC.
Alumni network is known as very good and strong for my institute than other institutions in india. There is some entertaining culture among students which attach juniors and seniors and this attachment is so strong that it never breaks even outside campus. Institute also organises some talks with older batches. Seniors are very helpful. This will be understood only when we enter campus. Every 6 new students assigned a senior student guide for complete graduation.
There is a faculty building Where every faculty has an office. We can call them or email to make an appointment or we can directly meet in their office in an emergency. Faculty is very highly qualified. Some faculty are very nice. There are very old faculty as well young faculties. They are very specific in their field. Every faculty has a homepage on the institute website where students can find their interested field regarding faculty and contact them. Faculties are very helpful if we contact them. Nearly 30 hours of lectures + laboratory part. Lectures are research and industry based both but lab work is industry based.
Campus Life
Campus is very large 1100 acres and open for all. Outer residential can enter by making entry at main gate giving some reason. Students are allowed to keep bicycle to travel in campus. There are 13 hostel with very large areas With sports ground inside them. Every hostel has capacity of 500+ students Gender ratio is very low. In my departement it 2/50 girls/boys. It is nearly same in every department. Indian government recently reserved 20% seats for girls since 2019 A lot of workshops are organised by student gymkhana (student body). Science and technology council always remains active throughout the year. They organise workshop for learning and creating prototypes of many things. Sports club organises sports competitions In summers.they even organise competition for indoor games. Every saturday sunday there are many workshops, debates on current issues are organised and students take part very enthusiastically. There is very less politics inside campus. At the time of selection of student body not a single case come regarding fighting. No one forces nobody to his vote for specific students. Elections are highly transparent. There is a women's cell for taking care of sexual cases.but not a single case has come for this. Girls' and boys interactions are very high. There is unmukt society for Making people aware for 3rd gender and increase Respect for them.
Course Curriculum Overview
the course curriculum is research based but not fully research based. But also taken care of industrial basis. Course material is 100% nice and well arranged but it is very high quantity. Yes this also help a lot in placements. Recently our mechanical department organised our nearby industries. But this type of ture not organised in fixed period of time. There are 2-3 laboratory experiments every week. Quizzes for some courses organised every week. which makes students study regularly.

College Events 1 Technical festival. Techouriti Nearly 200 + colleges participate in & its budget nearly 1 crore. 2. Cultural- antaragni This festival is also known as one of Asia's biggest festivals. This continues for 3 days. No. Events are so high that a single person can't attend all. Students do not sleep for these three days. There are many other festivals like udghosh for sports and celebrations of occasional festivals. All management of these events are done by student
IIT - Kanpur
Review - 3

Overall good college life with good placement
Posted on 01 May' 20 by Deepak Yadav
Batch of Jan. 1, 2020 | M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
College Infrastructure
College has a great infrastructure with all the facilities on the campus. Our campus has computer labs with updated software which is used in both research and academics. Hostels are clean and food provided to us is very much hygienic.
I am studying for a Master's in Computer Science Engineering. Faculty has a great knowledge. Quality of teaching is excellent. Yes, the curriculum is well updated and it includes all the recents developments in the field.
IIT Kanpur is best in terms of placements. Almost 90 percent of students get placed every year in good and renowned companies. Placement cell is also very active. The highest package being offered is 1.2 Crores.

Value-for-money Semester fees at IIT kanpur depends on the income of family. Also, they provide scholarships to brilliant students. It is one of the best college. Campus Life Our college is outstanding. Our campus has a huge library for study. Also, seniors , students and staff are very much supportive. Location is also safe. Anything Else Very good experience
IIT - Kanpur
Review - 4

In QS World University Rankings of 2018 : 293
In QS BRICS University Rankings of 2018 : 21
In QS World University Rankings of 2017 : 302
In QS World University Rankings of 2016 : 271
In QS World University Rankings of 2015 : 300
By NIRF in 2019 : 5
By NIRF in 2018 : 5
By India Today under Top Government Universities in 2018 : 3
By NIRF in 2017 : 5
By Outlook India in 2017 : 4
By India Today in 2017 : 3
By Outlook India in 2016 : 5
By India Today in 2016 : 1
Rs 40 lakhs per annum
Rs. 1.3 crore per annum to three students by Oracle
Rs. 1 crore per annum to six students by Google
Rs. 1 crore per annum to two students by LinkedIn
Rs. 1 crore per annum to one student by Tower Research
Rs 1.5 crore per annum offered by Oracle, US (Rs 91.50 lakh as take away salary plus employee stock option plan (ESOP))
Rs 93 lakh per annum offered to three students by Samsung, Korea
Rs 45 to 60 lakh per annum offered to 20 students by Flipkart
Rs 44 lakh per annum offered by Tower Research
Rs 42 lakh per annum offered by WorldQuant
Rs 26 lakh per annum and Credit Suisse(around Rs 15-18 lakh) offered by Goldman Sachs

TOP PLACEMENT (INTERNATIONAL) Rs 1.5 crore per annum by Microsoft Basic Pay : $136,000 Stock Options + Others : $70,000 Overall A top engineerin
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