Review - 1

ANUBHAV JHA's Review On Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Guwahati
Batch : 2021
Guwahati in short
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Guwahati
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Guwahati 2020 - 2021
Placement Wing
Placements are good many big companies arrive here department of computer science see a huge influx of companies and companies here do not even see your branch if u are worthy u can sit in any company and get your dream job
Hostel Facilities
Hostel infrastructure is quite good it is a great place for nature lovers surrounded with many lakes weather all year is good but quite humid.mess in the most hostels are clean and the food is hygienic
Faculty are well educated.They have industry exposures and many are visiting professors to foreign institutes.faculty are quite cooperative and answer queries of students.They motivate students to do something of their own.
Course Curriculum Overview
Course curriculum is quite industry oriented.Exam structure consists of quizzes,mid sems and end-sem exams.Exams consist of quite practical problems.Equal importance is given to theory and numericals.More emphasis is laid on checking your basics.

College Events There are many cultural and technical events here names of some are alcheringa research conclave. Blood donation camps are organised many seminars,courses of modern technologies and industrial talks are regularly organised
Review - 2

 Harsh Sinha's Review On Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Guwahati
Batch : 2023
Chemical science and technology
Best ND safe place
Positive remarks I think everything is positive we don't have any problem In Fact there is policy regarding ragging. As I think ragging it's about tends to zero but also they have provided. Deans are very strict about rules AND regulations. so nothing negative
Check Course Curriculum and Fee Details Of Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Guwahati
Check Placement and Company visited in Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT], Guwahati 2020 - 2021
Fee Structure And Facilities
About the fee structure, that is not a great deal. Off Course fee structure is good. it's according to how you are. IIT guwahati provide scholarship on fee as per ur family according to fee they are providing much better things
Placement Wing
As I am in 1st year so can't say much but placement is so good As of this year placement was done good. Internship is also being done in fact it's from 1st year also. For 1st year as I participated that's why I know stipend varies from company to company. But it's about 5000-2000 for 1st yearites.
Hostel Facilities
Hostels are very good. This is the only IIT which provides a single room from 1st year itself. however till now no single rooms for girls but they are planning for it. We have a connection in rooms with wifi connection inside the whole campus.
Seniors are very cooperative. They always stand for us. Any doubt problems are frequently shared with them. They always conduct meetings regarding what we should know. They(club members)conduct workshops which really help us. About alumni they are also good
All faculty are so good cooperative. Their knowledge level of what to say. They are awesome. They teach with their full potential. They provide notes, tell about preference books. They are always ready for any doubts.
Campus Life
We have a sports room in all the hostels. Also there are individual places provided for individual games. All necessary tools are available. We get a very good platform for playing. also there are many clubs including technical club to cultural club.

College Events There are many events AND fest from technical to cultural. Techniche(technical fest) is so good there are many participation in this. Alcheringa(cultural fest) is a very big fest. It's the largest fast AND various colleges participate in this. Many people come from outside. Also we have inter IIT competition. Inter hostel competition (technical culture as well as sport
Review - 3

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati did not meet any expectations of mine. The only expectations of mine that were surpassed during my stay here were due to my friends here and I would not attribute those in any way to the institute.
For one, the administration has too many idiots in it. The very fact that this place is operational is somewhat of a surprise to me. But then this place is probably better off non-operational compared to how it is operating now. Offices are deserted during visiting hours. Students are turned away and made to jump through hoops to accomplish a simple task either because the guy at the office was lazy, didn't understand the form the student was giving or was just evil at heart. An honest student wanting to attend a conference is made to pay exorbitant fines because of a date clash with registration. Important changes to dates are made in dictatorial manners with apparently no thought towards the students who are paying them.
Secondly, there is a level of hypocrisy here so high, Benedict Arnold would be put to shame. Students are scapegoated in high profile cases which the institute would not care about if it did not involve a politician or some other person with power. Many many students have been treated unfairly because of this. And many students who deserve to be punished aren't.

Thirdly, the method of teaching is so abysmally stone aged, it's as if the people in charge are stoned and aged. A minimum attendance is enforced in a system that punishes honest students and promotes proxies and cheating in examinations. I have noticed that students take more interest in how many classes of a course one has attended than how much of the course they have understood. Some extra curricular courses do away with the performance based grading completely. You are passed if you have attendance (which can be gotten through proxies and bribes) and no skill, but not if you have skill and slightly less attendance. If it were not for my friends and the good professors I know here, I wouldn't have given IITG even these
Suhail Sherif.
Review - 4

It is famous for its M&C, design department and known for its research by the biotech department.
Placements: Placements in our college are not as good as compared to other IITs when considering the department of civil because not many core civil companies visit the campus as its quite isolated from the rest of the country. If you can develop your skills in other fields such as coding, analytics or data science, then you are good for placements. Students can also take the design branch instead of at this college for better placements opportunities. However, now they don't consider JEE rank for admission into the department of design.
Infrastructure: The infrastructure of our college is not one of the best, but it is the best campus among all IITs. Everything you could expect from an IIT is available for you on the campus. It has 3 lakes within the campus, nine badminton courts and similar facilities for all other sports other than sports of course. Spacious academic complexes and single-seated hostels are also provided here.

Faculty: In the department of civil engineering, I have not attended much of the lecturers, but there are all types of professors from highly research-oriented and excellent classroom delivery teachers to not so expressive teachers and old school ones.
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