Review - 1

 Varanganti Goutham | B.Tech. in Civil Engineering - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 3 Mar 2020
Placements 3
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
Our college has the best faculty members in India and best infrastructure.
Placements: About 50% of the students will get placed from our course with the lowest salary package of 3 LPA and the highest salary package of 18 LPA. L&T and HPCL are the main companies which offer placements here. Almost 100% of the students get internships. For internships, companies like Oyo, JB Cement, HPCL, etc., visit our college. Civil engineering is one of the best branches in this institute
Infrastructure: Our college has a high-class infrastructure, and we get a Wi-Fi facility of 40GB for every 15 days. Our campus is in the 1st position in India in terms of providing healthy food. It is awarded as the 1st position by one of the best food rankings. Sports are also one of the important activities for students to participate. Our college also conducts tournaments and inter IIT sports meets.
Faculty: Civil engineering has one of the best faculty members in India. Our college contains 6 qualified professors, and I am proud that our campus is designed by our faculty members. The course curriculum is very clear and will be offered to students before taking the course. It makes the students industry-ready

Other: Every year our college conducts a total of 5 to 7 fests, including cultural, technical and sports fests. Scholarships are also provided, and there are many clubs for extracurricular activities.
Varanganti Goutham | B.Tech. in Civil Engineering - Batch of 2021
Review - 2

 Archit Agarwal | M.Sc. in Mathematics - Batch of 2018
Reviewed on 24 Jul 2019
Placements 4
Infrastructure 5
Faculty & Course Curriculum 5
Crowd & Campus Life 5
Value for Money 5
Placements: Many companies came to the campus to give opportunity to students for jobs. More than 70% of students got campus selection with a healthy package. The minimum package is 6 lakhs. It means you will get at least 6 lac per year as your salary. The average salary offered by companies is 15 lac.
Infrastructure: I can say, it is the best hostel in India. You will get a fully AC hostel, AC classroom. In the hostel, you will get free Wi-Fi and a LAN port in the room too. 24 hours medical facility, cricket group, football group, Hockey ground, basketball court and many more things.

Faculty: The faculty of IIT GN is very good. They are too supportive. The way they teach is very awesome. You will not feel bored in the class. All of them are very experienced and highly qualified. Most of them completed their Ph.D. degree from foreign universities. The course is also very good. You will definitely learn new things.
Archit Agarwal | M.Sc. in Mathematics - Batch of 2018
Review - 3

 Amazing for the most part. But a few experiences are
Posted on 04 May' 20 by Aniket
Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
College Infrastructure
Yes the college has all necessary infrastructure facilities and equipment. The facilities in my classroom, laboratories, libraries, sports centres and hostels . They are well maintained. Living spaces are clean and hygienic. Food is clean and hygienic
I'm studying mech engineering because of my rank. Equality of teaching is average. The curriculum is updated and includes all recent developments in the field. Yes it does make me job ready. And It's good enough.

Not good enough. Not much focused on placement. Don't have much data about salaries, jobs packages etc etc but as far as I know the placement is not what our college focuses on. It's main focus is foreign universities. Value-for-money Average for most part Campus Life Meh, not good Anything Else Amazing yet c
Niket Batch of Jan. 1, 2023 | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
Review - 4

I hope the below written facts do help you and many others in knowing more about IIT Gn.(sorry for the long answer)
With respect to academics ,here are some facts.
IIT Gn boasts of a flexible academic structure where you can choose your electives right from second year itself with a large number of choices . Further you can pursue your honors,minors also(described below).
In addition to the requirements of the base level BTech degree,if the students complete 20 credits of courses from a discipline(like Management,CS,Cognitive Sc.,Data Analytics,HSS,Any of the engineering/Science branches offered)they will be eligible for Minor in that discipline.Students are free to choose any discipline as minor.
Also, if one completes 20 credits of courses(with at least 8 credits for project courses) in the discipline enrolled,one is eligible for Honours in that discipline.Example -Electrical Engineering undergraduate student is eligible for Honours in Electrical engineering if he/she fulfills above criteria.
Continuing the series of innovation, IIT Gandhinagar in May 2016 approved the Dual Major programme which allows students to complete B.Tech in 2 disciplines.For example: Dual in Chemical engineering and Mechanical Engineering can be completed in 9 semesters(or even earlier/later depending on the student.
There is no department segregation and you can do courses/projects from any discipline as well and academics here lays emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and research. An example of the interdisciplinary approach for can be seen from the following recent article—
Besides the focus on the engineering subjects, IIT Gandhinagar undergraduate students coursework also gives exposure to subjects like Design, Life Sciences,Basic Sciences,Humanities and Social Sciences which gives students a lot to explore and broadens one’s horizons.
IIT Gandhinagar focuses on project oriented learning which is very important.Every semester we do mandatory projects (as part of several courses).Besides this there are also project courses which one can take in any discipline under a faculty.
The faculty here is really dynamic,helpful and motivating.Many of them have also pursued their education in leading universities of the world ,which brings an added advantage in terms of getting internship,project opportunities from abroad and fostering research collaborations. Other than that they are really approachable and friendly.One can have a look at Faculty Profiles .
We are also lucky to have the presence of highly experienced distinguished Guest and Visiting Professors from the leading institutes of India and abroad coming and spending time here at IIT Gandhinagar. They have been an important factor in contributing to the progress that IIT Gandhinagar has made.
I would also like to mention that more than 41% of the undergraduate class of 2014 availed educational or internship opportunities abroad.
In 2013, IIT Gandhinagar was declared winner in the category of Best Innovation in its undergraduate curriculum at the World Education Summit.
IIT Gn has a unique and innovative 5 week Foundation programme which will let you explore yourself and the world around .It is a perfect way to unwind after hectic JEE preparation as the program is initiated just after the student joins the institute. For more info on this: .
There are variety of courses and short courses apart from regular ones Some of them include Financial Considerations for Engineers,Computer Networks,Bionic,Finite Element analysis applications,Friction stir welding,Bio-informatics,Cosmology,Dream Interpretation,Poverty and Development,etc which give students good exposure in various fields.Typically 4-5 1 credit short courses(duration 8-10 hours) are offered here every semester.
We also have several distinguished speakers with expertise in various domains from India and abroad give lectures/talks and hold workshops/interaction sessions which give a lot of exposure and are pretty interesting.
Being located in a city which has some of the best institutes/research centres of the country is of a huge advantage. These include-
IIM Ahmedabad,Space Application Centre(ISRO),National Institute of Design(NID),Physical Research Laboratory,Institute of Plasma Research, National Law University, MICA,CEPT,etc gives a lot of opportunities for collaborations among students and faculty. An example of this is the joint course “New Technology Applications, Design and Business Models” that is offered at IIM Ahmedabad for students of IIT AND,IIM-A.
I would like to mention several important facts.
We have quite an eventful campus life with several events/fests/competitions taking place in college organised by students itself which play a huge role in personality development.
In 2016 we moved to our permanent campus ,photos of which can be found here- .
You can also check out our student life webpage— for details regarding life on campus.
At IIT Gandhinagar students are treated as adults.Students enjoy a lot of freedom with the responsibility of an adult. For example-Students irrespective of gender don't have any in-time at hostels and can freely go to each other’s rooms and interact, 0 attendance policy(though few Profs. keep certain marks for attendance),Self learning mode,invigilator free tests(may sound shocking but students themselves take responsibility and don’t indulge in unethical practices)
The institute lays a lot of emphasis on inculcating the right values and ethics. For Example the past,the students themselves drafted an honour code and any violation of the Honor Code (For example cheating,plagiarism,etc) is dealt with strictly.
IIT Gandhinagar is extremely supportive when it comes to student activities. Students are encouraged to start new activities,clubs,take initiatives and are fully supported financially and get guidance from the institute.
Excellent bonding among juniors and seniors.Very helpful and inspiring seniors are always present to guide us in various situations.Also unlike many other institutes, at IIT Gandhinagar there is no such segmentation of students according to their year of admission which gives senior junior interaction a boost.
A very active and inspiring student government/leadership which keeps on taking several new initiatives besides managing the execution of activities in their respective domains.I would like to point out that in my 2 years at IIT Gandhinagar,any concern/complaint that has been put forward by students is sorted out as quickly as possible.

The feeling of being in a young institute where your actions can help play a major role in the future of the institute is a great feeling in itself and inculcates responsibility. Also,do check out the following links To summarize,the institute provides endless opportunities and exposure to students to explore and pursue your pass
Ayushman Triphati
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