Review -  1

It's certainly DAIICT.Unless you are not interested in IT sector, always choose DAIICT over VIT.
The reasons are simple:
DA only gives admission on the basis of JEE and board exam score and there are no extra management seats unlike VIT which will create more competitive environment
The kind of services you get in DA cannot be compared with VIT e.g. VIT only allows 2gb of data per month and after that you have to pay certain money to get extra data. In DA , current limit is 10gb per day(which might get removed in future)
Also every faculty in DA is Phd. in their respective area from some of the world's prestigious universities.

In DA, you will study in class of 300 unlike VIT where you will be studying in class of just 60. You may find it in favour of VIT but trust me studying in such a big class has many perks which you can only understand by taking admission in DA. DA gives you a sense of independence. There are no rules for wearing any kind of clothes. No limit to get back in your hostel room(although girls have to enter their hostel building by 12). Canteen is open all night long . Last but not the least is fee structure. VIT costs upto ₹300,000 per year as compared to DA which costs ₹160,000 per year Hope this helps in taking any decision regarding admi
Review - 2
Akshita Agrawal | B.Tech. in Information and Communication Technology - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 16 Feb 2020
Placements 5
Infrastructure 3
Faculty & Course Curriculum 4
Crowd & Campus Life 4
Value for Money 4
Great placements, good courses, infrastructure can be improved.
Placements: Placements in DAIICT are excellent. Nearly 95-98% of students get placed. Many of them opt for higher studies in reputed institutes too. Some of the best companies like Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Direct etc. Visit the campus for placements. The highest package is 43 LPA and the average is about 11 LPA. The lowest is around 3-4 LPA but few students get this. Good companies like Deloitte, Oracle, Infosys and TCS give offers to many students. From the past 2-3 years, these companies have been offering internships to 3rd-year students as well. Some government institutes like ISRO also hire students for full time as well as internship profiles. Roles include Software Engineer, Data Science Engineer, Business Analyst, Developmental Engineer etc. The college is well known for competitive coding too so many top companies prefer to visit the campus.
Infrastructure: Infrastructure, in general, is pretty good but would be considered only decent by private institute standards. Classrooms are big and meant to accommodate 300 students. Attendance is done through a biometric system. Labs and libraries are well-equipped and maintained. Wi-Fi is provided in hostels too and is quite fast. However, there is a maximum limit of 10 GB per day per student. Hostel facilities can be improved in terms of hygiene and overall cleanliness, especially washrooms. There is no mess system as such. You can buy food, including fixed Thalis, from the canteens in the premises. The food is good in quality and variety and the rates are subsidized. There are good facilities for basketball, tennis, table tennis etc. But not many students actively make use of these.
Faculty: Many of the professors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Some have degrees from foreign universities. However, some of them leave their course in the hands of teaching assistants who aren't very capable. Extra classes are provided for students who are weak in certain subjects which is definitely helpful. Unlike NITs and IITs, students in DAIICT get to study Computer Science from the very first year which gives us a slight edge in competitive coding. The course can be updated to include the latest trends in the industry including Data Science, Cloud Computing etc. Research should be encouraged more.

Other: I chose this course because of the good placement track record as well as the reputation of the institute. I like the fact that programming and coding are given due importance and if help is needed, the institute ensures that you get it. It would be nice if some more events like Hackathons could be conducted frequently. Those who register for summer improvement courses shouldn't get an unfair advantage in terms of grades just because they pay a high fee to redo the course. The annual tech and cultural fests are good but participation is mostly from colleges within Gujarat. The campus is located in a good area in Gandhinagar and is well connected by bus and cab to Ahmedabad. There are some outlets like Dominos and cinemas nearby. The campus is clean and green but not too big. Scholarships are given on merit basis to the top 5 rankers from JEE Mains.
Review - 3

Piyush Gandhi | B.Tech. (Hons.) in ICT with minor in Computational Science - Batch of 2020
Reviewed on 29 Jan 2020
Placements 4
Infrastructure 4
Faculty & Course Curriculum 4
Crowd & Campus Life 4
Value for Money 5
Increasing confidence, Making us learn how to face the world outside world by Tech,Communication,IT
Placements: 1. Almost 80-90% of us B.Tech. Students are placed or either provided an internship by our college. Placement process is still going on. 2. The highest is 39 Lacs by Microsoft, the lowest is maybe 3-4 Lacs and average is approximately 12 Lacs. 3. Top companies were Microsoft, Sprinkler, Direction companies like flock, Media. Net, We are taught Operating Systems, Database Management, Data Structures, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Parallel Computing and such courses helping in interviews. 6. Approximately 50-60% students got Internship in companies like Morgan Stanley, Flock, Zeta, Cloudera.
Infrastructure: 1. Classrooms are Air Conditioned, clean and have a good atmosphere for studies. Wi-Fi is limited to 10 GB per student per day. Labs have good equipment that's good for teaching all the students. Library is the best of all, good for studies during exams, and contains all the books required for curriculum. 2. Hostel has Toilet, bathroom combined, cleaned everyday. Rooms are cool during winter but very hot during summer. Our college has food better than any college in whole Gujarat and clean and light too. Medical Facilities is okay like only one doctor is available for check up. Most of the sports are played here and also there is a sports event named Concours for sports held between nearby colleges like PDPU, Nirma, etc. Also GYM is fabulous with most of the equipment ready.
Faculty: 1. Approximately 80% of the course instructors are good, always helpful to the students. Providing projects that are well for understanding and learning, enhancing Student minds. Quality is above average. 2. Yes it is absolutely relevant and except Object Oriented Programming all other courses are taught here. Yes most of the course with some programming languages are all used in Industries helping students.

Other: 1. This course had some good stuff for Machine Learning, Data Science, Parallel Computing which I love learning. So I chose this course. 2. Some subjects like computational Finance are very easy. It should be made relative to economics taught to commerce students. Same is with Quantum Computation, it's topics should be expanded. 3. Events like Tech Fest, Concours- Sports Fest, Synapse- Cultural Fest are held here. Crowd is approximately 1500 students. Connectivity is 5-10 Mbps for the internet. Campus is surrounded by different colleges like NID, NIFT and greenery is good. Extra Curricular has drama, singing, dance, cubic club, electronics club, etc. Also many workshops are held here.
Review - 4

 One of the best colleges for computer science students.
Posted on 15 Mar' 18 by Anonymous
Batch of Jan. 1, 2018 | B.Tech Information and Communication Technology
I am pursuing my Bachelor degree from DA-IICT. I will graduate from ICT branch in May 2018 and the degree has already created a very positive impact on my career. I can honestly say it was a wonderful experience being in DAIICT. DA-IICT has a good culture in competitive coding,

developing and in research as well. Most of the professors are supportive and help students. The administrative department is always helpful to the student community. The most important part is the environment over here is really very awesome , too much greenery everywhere in the campus DA-IICT has many clubs and committees, those can help students to explore other fields and students can explore their hobbies and improve their skills as well. We also organize different events like drama night, music night, dance night and also celebrate many festival in collage
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