Review - 1

 I have mixed feelings about this. I graduated this summer, I studied Computer Science and with the hindsight of having spent quite possibly the four most important and formative years of my life I have some meaningful critiques to proffer.
’s answer is spot on about the great infrastructure part. BITS Hyderabad being the latest addition to BITS campuses does have high quality infrastructure to boast of, as it is evident in the aforementioned answer. It certainly is better than the vast majority of private colleges out there in India who charge exorbitant fees (more on this later) and have zilch to show for. All of this contributes to a great quality of life for students, certainly one of the best in India.
Having said all this, let's get down to the meaty part, the part that actually matters, Academics. Its with a heavy heart that I have to say, Engineering in BITS is devoid of any rigor. If anything, I found the whole teaching and curriculum a big farce (In my stream CS). I’m not a good judge about other streams for obvious reasons but this is a similar vibe I got. Academically I learnt nothing in my four years, most of what I know is of my own doing and because I was an autodidact.
The professors are sub-par and mediocre for the most part. Compared to top universities in India they are nowhere close. I won’t name names (that would be very rude) but I will be so bold and say a few of the professors shouldn’t be anywhere near a classroom. I’ve had terrible experiences attending classes and have some huge knowledge gaps in core areas of CS that I’m currently feeling myself.
I do have more scathing reviews and details to offer but I would rather not and exercise some restraint, after all I still have a graduation ceremony to attend! If you’re looking for a well rounded education in CS or dare I say any stream of engineering I wouldn’t recommend BITS. Weigh your options carefully.
Now about the exorbitant fees, that is very much of a pain point at BITS now. When I started in 2013 the fees were 100,000/- per semester plus some change, this was back in 2013. The BITS administration has a rule that gives them the power to hike the fees by a maximum of 15% every year. By the time I graduated it had risen to 170,000/- per semester. This is a deeply disturbing trend that would work against BITS since high quality students who are financially not well off won’t be flocking here.
The campus has recently built up a few more hostels. There are plans to increase the intake to about 1000+ from around 800 now. I can’t find one good reason behind this, more kids and the same number of mediocre teachers is going to ruin the academic experience for everyone.

My peers, they were fantastic for the most part. I’m quite happy with the friends I made and they are all talented in a myriad number of ways. If BITS is still a reputable brand it's because of its students and alumni. You should ask around more and collect reviews from more graduates to make a decision yourself. Having said all of this, you’ve to realise, apart from the old IITs and a few select colleges in India, Engineering education is sub-par, egregious and pretty much useless everywhere. Compared to these substandard institutions BITS is a heaven. So studying at BITS is akin to choosing the lesser amongst all e
Sudarshan Konge.
Review - 2

Follows the same curriculum as other bits campuses.
Has the latest top notch infrastructure plus being newer is much better planned.
Still under a lot of development ( a whole new academic block consisting of maths, electrical and computer departments with a lab is mostly complete.
Top faculty recruited from top colleges across the world that provide a diverse research pool and topics of concentration.
Placements on par with other bits campuses.
And most of all extremely helpful seniors there to guide you all along your college journey and help you realise the full potential of a unique bits curriculum.
Plus the added bonus of being a tech hub grants exposure to industrial apprenticeship and internship which are extremely valuable.
I would just conclude by saying you won't be doing any wrong to join the Hyderabad campus of the prestigious and one of a kind University that is Bits Pilani(almost forgot to mention the degree u get at the end doesn't mention the campus as all are considered as parts of bits pilani University unlike iits which are independent). There are guys here with ranks all the way from 1500 to 10000 in advanced mostly so the peer group is highly competitive here as well same as in other campuses.
Just take an informed decision at the end. All the best!!!!!

P.s.:: do note that some answers above have been written around 3 4 years back where the points discussed by them may have been true then. E.g. an answer about course, the course has been changed and improved over the years plus there is no preferential bias in companies for the three campuses anymore afaik.
Subhrat Praharaj
Review - 3

Any day BITS (both campuses).
Some new IITs don't have a permanent campus till now.
BITS on the other hand gives you a single-occupant room. IITs don't give that and trust me, that's the best part. Staying in a single room ;)
Staying in a shared room might lead to a loss of Privacy,Property and Personal Interest.
You can always go out to interact with people with common Interests.
Education :
What are you expecting ??
Anywhere in India(IITs,BITS,NITs) it's the same.
But, BITS gives you a freedom of not attending class(yes zero%) if you aren't interested, whereas IITs don't have that.
Well, I Know you won't believe unless I say you what IITB's website says:
"Attendance in classes is compulsory and will be monitored. A student not having 80 per cent attendance may be debarred from appearing in the semester-end examination and given XX grade and such student has to re-register for the same course"

Even new IITs(Bhubnaeswar esp.) have gone upto the extent of taking Student's signature on a paper which states: "I understand that 100% attendance in classes is compulsory and I commit myself to adhere to the same." It was a ROFL moment literally. I heard IIT Gandhinagar is liberal on these terms. Mess Food : Anywhere that is the same -_- Brand : BITS(Hyderabad/Goa) =~ New IITs BITS(Pilani) =~ Old IITs Brand doesn't matter much !! Yea, somebody perfectly pointed it out "Knowledge Matters". Though some people still believe " IITs are much better brands globally than BITS" !! Well, it is a matter of perception. :) Continue reading ! Placements: If you know coding, you'll be placed from any college. Though I feel placement at BITS(both Goa/Hyderabad) is slightly better than new IITs. I have talked to a few students studying there. Though I personally don't give credits to BITS or IITs , that was the students' effort primarily. Getting placed in
Siddharth Das
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