I.P.S. Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad

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IPS is a premier and dynamic institute imparting professional education. It was established by a group of industrialists under the aegis of  “Society for Institute of Professional Studies” with the sole aim of imparting best education to the students. At IPS besides our constant endeavor to provide quality education, a value-addition that can be leveraged throughout one’s professional life, we ensure our students are inculcated with certain core ethical values. Students are groomed to be responsible, moral, competent and positive-minded individuals. To this end, they are infused with the spirit of enquiry, integrity and commitment, motivation as also the ability to emerge winners in the face of challenges, work pressures or adversities of any sort. At IPS, the watchword is “Total Quality Education” (TQE)- a thoroughly modern and professional approach to imparting education, one that encourages each student to achieve his ‘fullest potential’, both as a scholar and as a human being. Besides, at the institute, students are encouraged to actively participate in, and to form an essential functional link in the three-way ‘interactive chain’ existing amongst Student- Industry-Faculty.

An outline of the core aspects of the work ethos at IPS that forms the very essence of all learning at the Institute is represented below. Excellence through high quality, productive team work, and leading by example, through coordinated, systematic action.

The desire to continually learn, upgrade or update oneself, in tune with the latest and best, (in order) to maintain a sustained ‘competitive edge’ over others in their respective professional areas. The capacity to cope and manage stress, in the face of continuously changing ( and often unprecedented) conditions, in life and especially in the workplace. To emerge as complete individual- balanced well-rounded personalities, as productive, successful managers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, adequately armed with the 3 Vs-Values, Vision and Versatility.


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