Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

IIT Mandi's main campus has been developed as an Eco-friendly and sustainable infrastructure campus. The total area of IIT Mandi is 538 acres of which about 200 acres is flat land while the rest is mountainous. On 23rd September 2012, 108 B.Tech 2nd year students, the Director, few research scholars, 20 faculty and staff with their families shifted to the main campus. Currently, all of the undergraduate students, the Director and 95% of the faculty members reside in the main campus. IIT Mandi is now home to a buzzing community of students, academicians and staff.


IIT Mandi has been on a rapid course of development as is evident from the following milestones:

  1. 1. The laying of the foundation stone at Kamand, the site for the permanent campus of IIT Mandi, took place on 24th February 2009.

  2. 2. The IIT Mandi Cell was set up at the IIT Roorkee on 18th March 2009, to steer the activities of the IIT Mandi.

  3. 3. A Preliminary Project Report ( PPR ) outlining a road map of 10 years for development of academic program, campus development and related issues was finalized initially on 25.4.2009. A major component of the report was development of a scaled drawing of the 538 Acres of land at Kamand and its land-use-plan. The report was submitted to Govt. of H.P. in April 2009.

  4. 4. The IIT Mandi was registered as a society in Uttarakhand, on 20th June 2009.

  5. 5. The admission of the First batch of students of IIT Mandi took place in July 2009 and their classes were conducted from 27th July 2009, onwards. Staying arrangement for IIT Mandi students was made in student hostels, Rajendra Bhawan (Boys) and Kasturba Bhawan (Girls).
  6. Programs Offered by IIT Mandi

    1. Bachelor of Technology
    Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering
  7. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
  8. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering
  9. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Technology in Data Science and Engineering (Details)
  11. Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Physics (Details)
  12. B.Tech.-M.Tech. Integrated Dual Degree in Bio-Engineering (Details)

  13. 2. Master of ArtsMaster of Arts in Development Studies (Details)
  14. 3. Master of ScienceMaster of Science in Chemistry
  15. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (Details)
  16. Master of Science in Physics (Details)

  17. 4. Master of TechnologyMaster of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Energy Systems (Details)
  18. Master of Technology in Energy Engineering with Specialization in Materials (Details)
  19. Master of Technology in Power Electronics and Drives (Details)
  20. Master of Technology in Communications and Signal Processing (Details)
  21. Master of Technology in Biotechnology (Details)
  22. Master of Technology in Structural Engineering (Details)
  23. Master of Technology in VLSI (Details)

  24. 5. Master of Science (by Research)Master of Science (by Research) in School of Computing and Electrical Engineering
  25. Master of Science (by Research) in School of Engineering
  26. Master of Science (by Research) in School of Basic Sciences

  27. 6. Doctor of PhilosophyDoctor of Philosophy in School of Computing & Electrical Engineering
  28. Doctor of Philosophy in School of Engineering
  29. Doctor of Philosophy in School of Basic Sciences
  30. Doctor of Philosophy in School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  31. Integrated-Doctor of PhilosophyIntegrated-Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Details)
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