Gurudas College, Kolkata

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Gurudas College, established in 1956, is an undergraduate college affiliated to the University of Calcutta. The defining characteristics of the college were formed both by its history and geography. The name commemorates the legacy of Sir Gooroodas Banerjee, the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calcutta, tireless champion of the spread of education and resident of the historic Narkeldanga neighborhood. The college started its journey at a time of social upheaval. By a Government order issued in July 1956, five colleges were established under the aegis of the Ministry of Relief and Rehabilitation to meet the growing educational need due to the influx of displaced people after the partition. Gurudas College was one of them.

The Narkeldanga neighborhood in the eastern periphery of the city has a rich and diverse cultural history. The area has a Greek Cemetery, a Parsi ‘Tower of Silence’ and a Jewish Graveyard. It reflects the composite culture and cosmopolitan spirit of the city. The area was proved to be the ideal location for the college. The primary mission of the college was to empower the disadvantaged members of the locality through education. From the goal of convalescence in a period of social distress, it began to move forward gradually to the road of development.

At present the college has a sprawling campus with 3 buildings and a resourceful library with all modern equipment. It offers undergraduate courses in 20 subjects (Hons in 17 subjects) and postgraduate courses in Bengali, Zoology and Physics. More undergraduate and postgraduate courses are likely to be offered in the coming year.

The college has just crossed the glorious milestone of 60 years, and celebrated the memorable moments through various academic as well as cultural resolutions and programmes.

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