Golaghat Law College, Golaghat

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COLLEGE NAME: Golaghat Law College, Golaghat


Behind the birth of every institution there appears to be a few dedicated persons who came forward to do spade works and took pleasure in doing a noble work. Establishment of Golaghat Law College is also not an exception to this rule. Some young graduates of Golaghat intended to prosecute higher study in law, but their aspirations could not be fulfilled because there was only law collage at Jorhat town at a distance of 30 (thirty) miles from Golaghat. Moreover, as the law classes were held in the evening, students from Golaghat could not attend classes unless they stay at Jorhat for this purpose. For this reason hopes of becoming law graduates of many youths of Golaghat before 1979 to establish a law college at Golaghat, their efforts ended in fiasco on the ground that Golaghat at that time was a sub-division of Sivsagar District. On the other hand a law college was permitted to be established in a District headquarter only according to rule of the University. So the question of establishing a law college at Golaghat had to be deferred till the date Golaghat sub-division becomes a district.


During the time of Janata Government in Assam, the demand for declaring Golaghat to be a district was very high and in course of time it was seen that declaration of Golaghat sub-division as a district is almost certain. When the main hurdle that stood before the people of Golaghat for establishing a law college at Golaghat is sighted to be removed, again a few hardworking educated citizens of Golaghat dreamt a dream of establishing a law college at Golaghat at any cost. They were determined that this time their attempts would not go in vain.


A meeting was held on 02/01/1979 under the president ship of Dr. Mohini Kumar Saikia, the then Principal of D.R. College. In this meeting a steering committee was constituted and entrusted with the responsibility to find out the conditions necessary for establishing a law college at Golaghat and submit report before a board based meeting, which would take the final decision regarding feasibility of a law college at Golaghat. The members of the steering committee were 1. Principal Sri Mohini Kumar Saikia 2. Principal Punaram Neog 3. Joydeo Khandelwal 4. Advocate Chiranjeelal Agarwal 5. Chandra Kanta Gogoi (Convenor) 6. Jogeswar Bora a representative of young graduates. In the next meeting steering committee submitted its report. The meeting unanimously resolved to start a law college at Golaghat within the academic year 1979 and appealed to the people of Golaghat to etend their co-operation and help in all respect and for that purpose a strong PRATISTHAPAK committee was formed to do the needful towards achieving the goal. The committee was formed with sixteen members. They were President Debeswar Gogoi, Secretary C.K. Gogoi, Joint Secretary Kandarpa Tamuly and A.C. Sarmah, treasurer Ananda Sarma. Other members were Principal M.K. Saikia, Principal P.R. Neog, Principal B.P. Singh, Advocate N.C. Gogoi, Mrs. Arati Saikia, J.D. Khandelwal, Bijoy Todi, P.C. Borkakoty, J.C. Borbora, Principal Makhan Gopal Goswami. Later on the following members were co-opted to the committee. They are A. Tirki, M. Khetan, SDO(C) A.K. Gohain Boruah, Khirajuddin Ahmed, D.P. Gupta and Jogeswar Bora.

The Pratisthapak Committee had left no stone unturned in its relentless offort to collect fund for the proposed institution. Within a span of one month the committee could collect donation of Rs. 25,000/- to its fund.

After inauguration of the college on 3rd March, 1979, the Pratisthapak Committee set to work for fulfillment of various terms and conditions imposed by the Dibrugarh University for a newly established law college. From 1981 onward activities of this college started vigorously mainly for collection of fund, land for the college and construction of al least an Assam type building of four rooms. Land is the most important things for an institutions to grow. The Golaghat Law College was fortunate enough to acquire a plot of land from on generous JALLAN family of Golaghat which had established many public institutions with their fund made available for the cause of social welfare.

At the beginning the classes of law college were in the college premises of D.R. College at night from 4 p.m. Principal Dr. Mohini Kumar Saikia helped in all respects for holding classes. On 7th October, 1983 the college was shifted to its own building at Bengenakhowa.

This law college was confronted with many situations regarding recognition of the college by the University. However the University accorded recognition to this college on 1983 and the first batch of final year students of this college appears in 1984-85. It is to be noted here that in the first batch of the students admitted in the preliminary class, the number of students were 182. Many of them were above 50 years of age, out of this large number of students, only one could pass from this college in the final law examination held in 1984-85.

The Golaghat Law College has so far produced 3,000 law graduates. They are now either doing practice in different law courts or doing services at different places. The college earned a good reputation in the Dibrugarh University securing good result in the LL.B examination. Last year six of our students from this college got first class in LL.B. study. Students from outside this district and also from outside Assam have been admitted in this college. Very few studious students did good results in their final year examination from the college.

The college authority has been trying to meet demands of the teachers & Students and the requirement needed to keep the flag of the institution flying high before the dual authorities like the B.C.I. and the Dibrugarh University. But the college authority is trying its level best in fulfilling the aspiration on the young graduates both in and outside the district. The fund of the college depends upon students contribution and donation from generous persons and institutions.

The college presently has its own land and building at Bengenakhowa. It has well equipped library with law books and journals. The library provides both borrowing of books and reading room facilities to the students. It has qualified assistant professor including Principal. Among them five full time assistant professor having LL.M. degree and one part time qualified lecturer. One qualified librarian and five office staff have been working. The college is turned into Day Shift College and classes are held regularly in each semester.



Golaghat Law College is the only Law College in Golaghat District. This District is considered as the famous District in Assam situated on the bank of River Dhansiri. The Law College is situated at Bengenakhowa area of the distance 5 k.m. away from Furkating Railway Junction and 2 k.m. far from Golaghat Bus Stand.



The College is having its own campus with Assam type and RCC building with Class rooms, Common rooms, Computer room, Moot Court room, Library and Office room with all modern facilities.





Eligibility: The candidates with bachelor's degree in any field from a recognized university are eligible. Admission Procedure: Scores of the qualifying examination determines the selection of the candidates.