Electronics and Communication Engineering EC
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) involves researching, designing, developing and testing of electronic equipment used in various systems. ... It also deals with the manufacturing of electronic devices, circuits, and communications equipment.
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VLSI design
Very large-scale integration is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining millions of MOS transistors onto a single chip. VLSI began in the 1970s when MOS integrated circuit chips were widely adopted, enabling complex semiconductor and telecommunication technologies to be developed.
As an interdisciplinary field of science, bioinformatics combines biology, computer science, information engineering, mathematics and statistics to analyze and interpret the biological data. Bioinformatics has been used for in silico analyses of biological queries using mathematical and statistical techniques.
Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation concerned with building 'things' - generally, materials and devices - on the scale of atoms and molecules. A nanometre is one-billionth of a metre: ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The diameter of a human hair is, on average, 80,000 nanometres.
Digital systems and communication
A digital communication system consists of six basic blocks. The functional blocks at the transmitter are responsible for processing the input message, encoding, modulating, and transmitting over the communication channel.
Optoelectronics is the communication between optics and electronics which includes the study, design and manufacture of a hardware device that converts electrical energy into light and light into energy through semiconductors.
Digital signal processing
Digital signal processing (DSP) is the use of digital processing, such as by computers or more specialized digital signal processors, to perform a wide variety of signal processing operations. ... DSP is applicable to both streaming data and static (stored) data.
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