Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com. Professional or Bachelor of Commerce in Professional is an undergraduate Management course. B.Com. Professional is a high profile undergraduate programme aimed to create enhanced competence of career positioning tied up with opportunity to become a global professional. By pursuing this course, a student will attain conceptual knowledge and analytical skills that may help in areas of employment at various levels. This course aims at providing comprehensive insight into accounting, finance, taxation, law, management and so on. In B.Com. (Professional) the students get the opportunity to learn about computerized accounting and they also get a chance to undergo training with chartered accountants.


It aims to develop entrepreneurial, managerial,decision making, marketing skills and students are brought into various business principles . Subjects taught usually include

  1. Financial accounting
  2. Cost accounting
  3. Business management
  4. Principles of decision making
  5. Marketing management
  6. Capital markets
  7. Cost and management accounting
  8. Taxation
  9. Business regulatory framework
  10. Business research
  11. E commerce
  12. Auditing
  13. Advertising

Course Description

A course where you get to learn some core Commerce things, some basics of business and working of business houses, legal position of a business, formal way of running a business, some knowledge of Taxes,Audit and the corporate way of doing a business.

It covers subjects starting from financial accounting, cost accounting, various Laws of business such as The Indian Contract Act,1872 , The Negotiable Instruments Act, Companies Act and many more. The best part of doing a Bcom is that in each and every semester, subjects will change that will keep one's interest in the Course.

Since you are getting a tag of Bachelor in Commerce, you also get to study subjects like Audit and Tax that give you insights of day to day happenings in a business. Unlike a BTech, you can relate everything that you study in this course, with your day to day life.

Some subjects like Human Resource, Business Management, help you to know the needs of various Corporate Giants and how they manage it and their corporate houses.

Subjects like Business Communication help you to get to know the formal way of communicating with any other person.

The likes of Economics, Business mathematics and some statistics help you to know and interpret the Ever-Rising Indian Economy in a much better way that helps one to plan and act accordingly.