BA in Economics is a compilation of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and statistics. It leads to successful careers in auditing, finance, actuary, statistics, and marketing.

The study of economics will take you towards its related subjects –


  • Agricultural economics
  • Financial economics
  • Labour economics
  • Industrial economics
  • Banking economics
  • Business economics
  • International economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Developmental economics
  • Econometrics


You may get employed in any of these specialized fields as an economist. RBI has openings for economists regularly.

Other areas where you can shine after your BA in Economics are:

  • Actuarial Science: This is an emerging field if you are good at math and statistics. It revolves around the analysis of risk calculation.
  • Indian Economic Services: You could land up into a white-collar job and work hand-in-hand with the government. Economic reforms, developmental policies, price fixation, regulation, and monitoring fall within this line of work.
  • Law: If you upgrade your knowledge of economics with law, you can work on public policies, market research, and corporate law.
  • Rural Development: There is a great need for Economics graduates in this field in India. The economic conditions of farmers and marginal groups will benefit from your knowledge of the Indian economy and related policies.
  • Consulting: Firms employ economists to advise them on fiscal and monetary issues and problems related to the production and distribution of goods and services. The designation is of an economic advisor.
  • Management: After your BA in Economics, you can always go for an MBA. It will open doors to multinational companies and various managerial fields.